Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovely things!

I went over to see Melanie at Frugal Kiwi this afternoon. This was actually the first time we've met in real life and it was lovely!
I went to pick up the beautiful bag that I won from her. The photos that I'd seen didn't do it justice as it's even more gorgeous in the flesh. I also got to meet the chickens and the bees, taste the honey, eat cake, drink home made ginger beer and also some water kefir and do a bit of needle felting ( only stabbed myself about half a dozen times ~ boy those needles are sharp).  I was there for ages so I hope I didn't outstay my welcome.

Anyway, Melanie kindly gave me some water kefir grains and following her instructions
I made it up - just got to wait 24-48 hours and I should have a lovely slightly fizzy refreshing drink that I can make again and again.
 Looks cool doesn't it
oh and as if the bag wasn't enough loveliness for one day I was also given some home made castile soap.

Now the bag ~ amazing or what.

Thank you Melanie.

 Go to and have a look, it's wonderful.


  1. Laura, that bag is something else isnt it? You can stroke it, put things in it, pet it, wear it, look at it..did I say pet it.? Amazing dont have to feed it though do you?
    Wool is such great versitile stuff...
    You sound like you have had a super day, lovely...xx

  2. that's so funny you should say 'pet it' because I did spend a lot of time stroking it! I think I need to only feed it before midnight or some such...

  3. WOW! The bag is very "Unique and Lovely!"
    Lucky you for having owning it!

  4. Oh yes, it is beautiful Laura, you lucky lucky young lass. I did some needle felting last night, and I was very careful where I put my fingers! It was FUN!

    Our knitting group is going to have a felting day, one of the lasses has just made another gorgeous handbag, and I want to bop her over the head and pinch it. Barring that, I'll let her teach me how to make it myself!

    Love a bit of felt!

    The kefir stuff looks slightly scary though!

  5. Sounds like you had fun! And I'll be waiting to hear what you think of the water kefir.

  6. Well, dont forget to will you...or it might turn into something that you may not want to pet.....
    And for goodness sake, dont get it wet..!

  7. Is the bag wool? It's lovely but somehow made me think of the zombie sheep film we watched when we were at yours!

  8. Ali, I've only recently discovered felting and its very therapeutic - except when you stab yourself, then it's just sore.

  9. It was lovely to have you. I'm glad you didn't feel like I kept you too long! Happy to have you over for felting fun and I'll show you how to use the sander for quicker cobweb and nuno jobs.

    I always say my Shaggy Baggy is part bag, part pet and therapeutic to stroke. Definitely no feeding after midnight though.

  10. What a lovely day you have had! It never ceases to amaze me just how many lovely, kind, warm hearted people I have met through blogs. Your gifts are devine!
    Stacey x

  11. Lucky girl Laura - all looks fabbo.

  12. That bag is just awesome! And just think, you now have a back that you can comb!



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