Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's absolutely scorching

and stunning. I can hear the cicadas making a real din outside - I love it  - it's the sound of summer to me.
I'm happy today, because I spoke to mum and dad on the webcam. Mum's computer has been out of action - turns out it was totally broken so she hasn't had one since the middle of October - she got a new one a couple of days ago and the web cam works perfectly - so it was lovely to see them.

I've been swimming a fair bit. Every November there is a Russell to Paihia sea swim  ~ it's coming up for 4km across the Bay. I decided that this year I wanted to do the swim as a goal. I thought I better start training now, as I am a decent swimmer but incredibly out of practice! Turns out my stroke is all wrong for sea swimming ( If I want to get the best out of it) so I've been taking some coaching lessons as well.
I've only ever really swam in swimming pools so being out in the open sea swimming ( rather than under it diving)  is a bit different, especially if there are big waves. I like it, but am in constant fear of sharks! Silly.
This is me having just finished a session - Lloyd was watching from the beach to make sure I was ok!

Anyway, it's great fun just now - can't think it'll be quite the same in the middle of winter when it's cold.

Oh and I'm a bit worried about Fred. His chrysalis is still very dark and he hasn't hatched yet. I did a bit of research and tbh I'm not sure it's supposed to be like this for so long. There are various diseases that can cause this too and he may have died.  The chrysalis is still hard though and doesn't smell or anything and I can still see the red wings through it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Okay Im officialy jealous now! Scorching is not a word we use in East Yorkshire at this time ofthe year, or at any for that matter!!!

  2. Hi Laura, swimming in the sea is so much more fun than in a swimming pool, and yes, completely different.

    You must be getting some of the hot weather we have just experienced here is Melbourne. It will be less scorching here today, only 33C.

    Hopefully Fred will pull through, *fingers crossed* for him.

  3. it was 31 degrees here yesterday - that is scorching for here! I would say our usual summer temp is say 26 ish. But the last few have been hotter - add the humidity to that and it feels incredibly hot. Not as hot as Melbourne though :)

    I hope Fred makes it too.

  4. It's so odd to see your summer photos. We are in the middle of a monster snow storm. 100 million people will be affected by the storm. Taking a swim is really almost a dream for me. Enjoy your wonderful warm summer weather and good luck with the swimming!!

  5. So funny for you to talk about how hot it is there...we're in the middle of a TERRIBLE ice storm! lol Businesses are closed, we are only supposed to be on the road in case of an emergency, our trees have 1" of ice on them & big limbs are breaking off...wild. Enjoy it. :-)

    Blessings from frozen Ohio/USA...Kim<><

  6. It is fabulously hot here today too, 31 degrees which isn't actually that super hot for here at all. We just haven't had a hot summer this/last year, so it feels hotter than usual.

    You must be a very good swimmer to be attempting such a long swim in the open ocean, good on you. When is it?

    And keep us updated on Fred... whatever happens, you've done all the right things for him :)

  7. Hi Laura, It's beyond hot here -- 31 degrees at midnight! Here on the coast south of Sydney!

    Good luck with the training.

  8. The beach looks fabulous, I love that part of the country! We sweltered yesterday with over 40c....bleck.

  9. I hope Fred is ok. Maybe he's just having a big sleep before he breaks free.

  10. I was about to complain about how sticky and hot I was feeling too then I read Cat's comment about 40C! We're not so bad really! Finger's crossed for Fred - we haven't even had a caterpiller on our swan plant this year so I hope he pulls through.

  11. This is awesome! What a great goal. I can imagine that the stroke would need to change based on the sea. Hope you will continue to post about the training process. An open water swim in winter---brr! ;) I've always hoped that at some point I'll do a mini triathlon, so would love to see how your swimming progresses!


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