Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a beautiful evening.

I went out to turn the irrigation on in the veggie garden and it all looked so pretty that I went back in to get my camera.
It's been another scorcher of a day, so much so that I gave up in the garden about mid day.
This is the veggie garden, some things are coming to an end, like the gem squash, the vine is still growing but it's looking very mildewy now. The sweetcorn is long gone and the yard long beans are somewhat past their best. However the tomatoes are still going strong, the chillis are going to be spectacular, I think. I'm going to take out one of the courgettes tomorrow - each of them have three crowns now and have taken over!
My aubergines are growing quickly, finally, but I think I can only see one tiny aubergine so far.

 I love my veggie garden, I spend more time in here than the rest of the farm put together.

Aubergine = Eggplant
Courgette = Zucchini
Yard Long Beans = Snake Beans

 The cows came over to see what I was up to. The one at the front, that's white with brown spots? That's Spotty - Yes, I know terribly original - but he is the most affectionate, tame boy we've ever had. His favourite thing is head scratches or eating your t-shirt, shorts, jeans, anything really, so long as it's clothing. I'm trying to persuade Lloyd to keep him, my head knows he will go with the rest when the time comes but my heart wants him to stay.

And remember yesterday, I said Rachel and Sheba are never more than a few feet apart - here's the proof! They wanted to join in the fun.


  1. I just love your garden! I have been following your blog for a while now and you have inspired me to enlarge my vege patch! Thanks you so much for sharing with us.

  2. Beautiful pictures again! I can almost hear the cicada's.

  3. Your veggie patch looks fantastic. I love this part of my garden the best too.

  4. If I had your veggie garden I'd spend a lot of time out there too. It is so peaceful and full of wonderful things to eat.

    I love your critters too, and hope you get to keep Spotty in your family.

    Happy Gardening and Happy Living ~

  5. what a lovely garden!

    And I couldn't part with my favorite bovine :-( I'd become a vegetarian at that point I'm afraid *sigh*

    What beautiful pictures! I'd love to visit NZ someday!


  6. What a beautiful garden! I just love your donkeys! We have a pair too at our farm,Bonnie and Clyde are their names!

  7. oh laura, you must keep spotty! please! for heaven sake mr lloyd can make an acception, can't he? thanks for finding me on farm friends. your garden is lovely and inspiring. the names you use are different than ours so i didn't recognize some of the veggies. i will be your newest follower and look forward in reading more...but Please KEEP spotty. you have to find a way.

  8. Wow! Love your garden! I just ordered heirloom seeds, I think I'm getting the gardening bug!

  9. Wow! Amazing garden! I just ordered some heirloom seeds! I think I'm getting the gardening bug!

  10. Hi Michelle! Hi Olivia! Hi everyone!

    thanks for all the lovely compliments - I just love the veggie garden, I could never live anywhere that didn't have one, now.

    Ok Spotty - I know he'll have to go - we simply cannot afford to keep the steers.They were bought with the purpose of going, if that makes sense! It comes down to the tax man unfortunately!! :(
    I'm not a vegetarian, but by choice would eat veggie food over meat most/every day of the week. What I keep telling myself is that they've all had a simply lovely life.

  11. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Your garden is incredible. I would love to spend all day out there.

  12. Love the photos--looks idyllic! And gets me excited for having some space for a garden in our new home. ;)

  13. I LOVE your garden! It is so amazing I aspire to a vegie garden like that rather than the suburban backyard we make do with :)



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