Friday, February 18, 2011

Rogue Tomato

On my mind
I found a new tomato plant under the oak tree. The oak tree is miles away from the veggie garden so I reckon a bird must be responsible! Anyway, good job bird! It's a great wee bonus as I think it looks like a Tommy Toe from last year and they were lovely wee tomatoes on a very pretty vine. I hope it gets enough sunlight to ripen.

Now that I've discovered it I'll nip out the laterals so it doesn't turn into a triffid. 
After a few years of tomato growing experiments I reckon this is the way to go - pinch out laterals and take lower leaves off, moving up the plant as it grows. This way lots of light and air get into the plant. It's worked beautifully this year.

Joining in with On my Mind over at Rhonda's.


  1. They're usually pretty strong plants when they self-seed (or via the birds!) so hope this one does well.

  2. Anonymous2:27 pm

    i would love to have that kind of space to grow my own veggies.

  3. Kamana, we are so lucky. We moved from a house in the middle of the city so I never knew how to grow anything. Now we have space and it's just amazing.

    Bridget, It does look really strong.

  4. Lucky you to get rogue tomatoes. No luck with those here and heat knocked my tomatoes around dreadfully but I pruned them back and might (fingers crossed) get a second crop. Popped over from Rhonda's blog to say Hi.

  5. We've had 6 rogue tomato plants pop up from our compost, amazing how easy they grow! We've also had a rogue pumpkin pop up from the compost.

  6. We have rogue tomatoes and pumpkins and they are the strongest. However protecting them from hens and cattle makes life interesting! Good luck with your self sown tomato plant.


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