Monday, March 07, 2011

A fabulous weekend

This post is absolutely nothing to do with animals, farming, gardening or Freds! It's more sheer indulgence.
It was my birthday on Saturday so somehow I managed to spread it out to over the whole weekend.
We got tickets to go and see Roxy Music at Villa Maria in Auckland months ago and Lloyd planned many surprises round it. 
We got up bright and early on Saturday ( I had a present opening session while still in bed and would like to thank everyone publicly for my lovely pressies. You all know me well. Especially Lloyd who has given me an IOU for a new iPad. My jaw dropped, right down to the floor. In sheer surprise and happiness)

We got our lovely house sitter settled in and then we set off down to Auckland.
Stopping for a tiny bit of shopping on the way. Then we checked into The Langham, which I reckon is the epitome of luxuriousness! After a wee rest we headed out to dinner at Kermadec. Where I went with mum HERE!
Before dinner!

We had the same menu because I had raved about it so much to Lloyd. We also let it 'slip' it was my birthday!

 After dinner! Down at the Viaduct - you can see lots of boats behind us in the marina.

It was a really lovely night.

Oh and the next morning we discovered that the Langham does, quite possibly, the best breakfast in the world, I mean there was a chocolate fountain, for goodness sake!!

Then,  we had Roxy Music to look forward to - and after a rainy day on Saturday (it always rains on my birthday!) the sun came out and it was absolutely glorious.
We drove to Villa Maria, spread out our blanket and picnic and settled down to enjoy the music. 

Nathan Haines opened and it was a lovely jazz set which was perfect for a sunny afternoon lounging around on the grass. After that Don McGlashan played ( he's a bit of an NZ icon, who I didn't know at all) and I have to say was brilliant. I may have a bit of a "girl crush" on him now. We absolutely loved him.

Then...Roxy Music, who were fab. Ok the video screens were like some opening sequence for a James Bond film and Brian Ferry didn't really talk to the audience at all, but as a spectacle they were great, churning out all the old favourites.

and finally, this pic is coz Lloyd really likes it! ( mad husband!) 


  1. Ohhh, it sounded and looked like fun!

    Happy Birthday Laura

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you two had a lovely time.

  3. Ummed and arred about seeing Brian Ferry..
    Glad you had a really lovely birthday weekend..
    Wishing you a happy year ahead...x

  4. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Happy Belated Birthday!!
    What a wonderful time you had. That chocolate fountain looks so good!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, I like what was written on the plate with chocolate ;)

  6. What a fabulous weekend!!!! Love the pics too especially the last one :D Happy belated birthday! x

  7. Happy Birthday to you! You look very happy in all your pics. And a chocolate fountain!!! (I truly thought they were fictional)

  8. Happy Birthday and glad you had a lovely time. Roxy Music, love them!

  9. Belated Happy Birthday. It sounds and looks like your day/weekend was splendid.


  10. Wow! It looks like a wonderful time. Happy belated Birthday!! Love the photos - very cute.

  11. Happy Birthday sounds like you had so much fun with your man... I'm so enjoying your blog.. your photos are beautiful.. happy to have found you way down there in another part of Gods country... we are still having S N O W bleck...soon I'm sure we will be out on our bike.. we change our clocks ahead one hour on Sat night.. yay Spring somewhere.. tc Sue


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