Sunday, March 20, 2011

He's Changing!

The first chrysalis is on the change! It's going much darker, I've even noticed a change since this morning and you can clearly see the wings though the shell. I reckon not too long now - maybe tomorrow? I really feel like a butterfly is going to hatch and we'll have success at last! Happy? You bet!

I've got another chrysalis now, outside on the balustrade round the deck - I'm going to shift it to the prison tomorrow once I'm sure it's hard, and a caterpillar in a J inside the prison! So once it turns I'll have 6.


  1. You are the butterfly whispherer....cant wait to see the letting go ceremony...x

  2. OOooooooo exciting! I love that you're sharing these pics, they're amazing! To see such incredible transformation it's hard to believe isn't it!

  3. That first photo is amazing! You can totally see the little wings! Thanks so much for sharing this wonder.


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