Monday, March 21, 2011

Success! A hatching!

He's resting now. I didn't see him hatch out which is a bit disappointing, he must have done it sometime between 10am and 2pm because I was down in the Big Smoke. When I came home he was there and his wings were all pumped out. It's a shockingly miserable day today, really rainy so I've left the mesh over the door of the prison, but I have made up a sugar solution for him. I read that if you put some on your finger they'll lick it off! I'll try this when he's a wee bit more awake!

He crawled around on my hand!

 I'm happy! Success 


  1. Oh Yay! Is this the one you showed yesterday? Great protective work and persistence Laura!

  2. It is, Tammy. I had a feeling it was going to hatch today, I checked it at 5.30am and again at 10am and it was still in the chrysalis, but it was definitely going clearer.
    One down, 5 more to go! yippee!

  3. Very beautiful!
    I have done this before and was lucky to watch one pop out of it's absolute miracle!!!

    Lovely photos of this beauty!

  4. What I want to know it how come the chrysalis is green and gold, and the butterfly comes out orange and black?

    One of Mother Nature's little puzzles :)

  5. The story of your butterflies has been one of the most enthralling I have read on blogs. Thank you for sharing and a big butterfly kiss to you on behalf of the butterflies.

  6. oh Hazel, thank you xxx I feel like their mum or something! I'm just to pleased that one hatched!

  7. Very exciting! A bright spot in a yucky, nasty puddle of a day.

  8. And very cheering for someone in a very wet Illawarra. Brava Laura.

  9. Hooray! How lovely!

  10. Hi Lo
    What a lovely butterfly!
    The plate of chillies looked impressive too!
    mum xx

  11. Beautiful!I love butterflies, I take a lot of photos of them.


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