Friday, March 04, 2011


Ok, I know it's only one, but I have a chrysalis! Yesterday one of the Freds went into the J shape which means they're about to form a chrysalis. I watched him all day and all that happened was that his antenna shriveled up. But by this morning he was in a chrysalis. I so hope this one hatches.

One of the large caterpillars managed to get out of the prison and has gone somewhere, who knows where. I still have 2 other huge ones so I hope they stay to make their chrysalis here as well, but hey ho! I have one.

Success... so far.

We're off to Auckland this weekend to see Roxy Music.


  1. Huzzah! Go Fred, you can do it!

  2. Beautiful! Monarchs are so amazing.

  3. Laura this whole saga would make the most beautiful children's picture book.

  4. It never gets old...How cool is that!
    I hope the other 2 go for you also and thanks for sharing!

  5. well one of the others has gone into a chrysalis as well :) right near the front so I can see it really well. Again he did it overnight - went into the J yesterday afternoon. There's just one to go and he's simply gigantic!!

  6. I think their chrysalis' are just gorgeous. Finger's crossed for Fred!


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