Monday, April 11, 2011

Messing around not making good use of time!

I should be washing and ironing the things I need to pack for my trip to Scotland. There's also some herbs to plant out and some flowers to go in!

But I'm getting so excited I can't focus on the things I NEED to do! I am an aunt again! Joff and Hilary had a wee girl, Lily Jane, and I can't wait to see them all and mum's 70th birthday dinner is all arranged, so I'm set to have a lovely time ( wish Lloyd was coming, though) 
Anyway, instead of getting organised ( I do have a list)  I've been downloading free photography apps for my iPhone! Stunningly good use of time, I think not.
 This one is of the Bay yesterday when we were out fishing. The app is all in Japanese - looks stunning - but I have no idea what anything means!

My foot and the washing basket, full of clean washing waiting for me to iron it! This is so much more fun, though.

Wee Brodie, with a tilt shift thingy, but I got the focus slightly off. 

And this one which I really love for some reason.

Anyway, best get on!
I'll be around whenever I can, on and off for the next three weeks.
Have fun everyone.


  1. Safe trip Laura, I know you will have loads of fun...Suzanne.x

  2. Thanks Suzanne, I'm sure I will :) And Since I wrote the post I've done my packing! Trying to travel really light and for once in my life I think I may have managed it - whoohoo

  3. Have a great time Laura. Will be thinking of you! cheers Wendy

  4. That is so lovely to hear, and I am sure she is beautiful. Have a safe trip over.

  5. Safe happy trip Laura dear.

  6. YAY congratulations!! Have a great trip. I love that last pic you posted.

  7. Congratulations and have a great trip!

  8. Congratulations and have a great trip,Laura!

  9. There are things that are important, but when you are going to Scotland what you are doing is urgent!! You will never remember the laundry that didn't get done. You may be frustrated that you forgot to pack the blue floral dress, but if you take a couple of great pictures with the right aps you'll only remember how great you looked in the one you remembered!

  10. I love photo apps - i can barely take a photo without giving it a retro touch up nowadays. Have a great trip - look forward to hearing all about it. x

  11. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Have a wonderful trip.

  12. Have a wonderful and safe trip!!


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