Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Alpacas have arrived

Yesterday was one of those totally full on days, so much so that after the crepes for breakfast we forgot to eat. This is most unlike me.
There were just lots of bits and bobs to do, a shop for provisions, grass to be mowed, cottage to be got ready for lovely friends, our own house to clean, a dishwasher to be repaired ( blooming mice ate through the water pipe - where were the THREE cats when you need them?) and Alpacas to be delivered, then over to friends for a lovely evening of good chat and lovely food ( curly fries, where have you been all my life? )

Now, no offence to any of the others, but the Alpacas were the most exciting thing for us.

So, let me introduce you

Earl Grey

Darjeeling (heehee)


Meeting their new friends for the first time.

 This went really well. They all sniffed eachother and said hello, then went off and did their own things. This morning when we went to check on them, all was well in the land of alpacas and donkeys. We didn't really have any concerns as our donks are the most super gentle, well mannered, snuggly girls who wouldn't hurt a fly, but you never know for sure so we did have a contingency plan of the other small paddock if things didn't work out, however now I'm sure we won't need this. 

Off their halters and making themselves at home !

When we went to see them this morning Lloyd couldn't really get very near them. So I think twice a day we'll go with food as a bribe. Steve from Naturally Alpacas said that once they know you have food they'll come to you.

They'll get their fleeces cut in October/November. I'll need to sort the fleece and get rid of  sticks and stuff, then I'll sent it away to be washed and carded. Once I get it back I'll felt it. However, lloyd wants to keep the first lots ( who knows how many years this will take) until we have enough to make a blanket, so as my spinning skills are Zero we'll get this done for us.

I want to say a big "thank you" to mum and dad who gave Earl Grey and Darjeeling to lloyd for his birthday and to Mum for having the idea in the first place!


  1. What a happy life they will have on your wee farm. I'm sure you two will enjoy them as well.

  2. Oh what fun you'll all have! I can't wait to check in and see more of them getting accustomed to their new home.
    Those crepes look absolutely divine(in your previous post) and I think they're on the agenda first thing tomorrow morning!

  3. Oh wow, they are gorgeous. Don't they have the most beautiful eyes. I think you are going to have a lot of fun with them.

  4. Awww, Tetley has a dash of milk on his/her nose! LOL So adorable and i gather they are really gentle too? I look forward to lots more alpaca tails (!) and photos to come! :-)

  5. Oh! Aren't they just wonderful! :)

  6. They are gorgeous and I love your name choices!

  7. Anonymous2:39 pm

    They have the sweetest faces and I love the names.

  8. Extra adorable! I really need to come out for a visit one day.

  9. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to show Reubs this! He is quite obsessed with alpacas and constantly dreams of the day when we can get our own. So very, very gorgeous! And the names you've given them are adorable :)

    Katie xo

  10. OH they have the prettiest faces... I love Alpacas! Good luck with them... I can see they have a good home :)

  11. Those Alpaca's are very lucky to have such a lovely home to go to.

  12. They're lovely! And, I love their names!

  13. They are beautiful!!!!

  14. Anonymous3:58 pm

    That's not They look so cuuuute! I am jealous... Well, when is it your next holiday that you will need house sitters? Lol.



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