Monday, May 30, 2011

It's the little things...

I've been procrastinating about the veggie garden for about 2 weeks. I knew I needed to get in there and clear it and do a lot of weeding, but just kept putting it off and putting it off. I'd built it up into this huge thing but as is often the case, when I actually get down to it, it's not huge and it's even rather enjoyable.
I did think I needed something nice to spur me on, though, and then I had it. My lovely mother-in-law, Penny ( I would say that even if she didn't read this!) gives the best presents, and I had a beautiful new pair of gardening gloves that she'd given me, hiding in a cupboard. I'd put them there so that I'd use my old ones up first and I pretty much have, so today was the day. ( ok, if I'm being totally honest,  I haven't completely used up my old ones, but I really wanted to wear the new ones)
 This is what they looked like four hours ago. Aren't they lovely? Aren't they clean?

Four hours, a huge amount of clearing and a lot of weeding, later. Slightly less clean, but looking great non the less.
And I must admit I feel really good for having done it.
Tomorrow I shall plant garlic.


  1. You know, they were beautiful before...but I think I like them much more now with a bit of dirt on them.......four, I only wish I could do that here...bit hard with a little girl wrapped around you all the time...I bet your garden looks great, I will look forward to a few pics, havnt seen your garden for a while, and I do love a wander around others vegie patches...x

  2. Anonymous3:50 pm

    I have already gone through one pair of gloves and our gardening season is just starting. I think I need to buy better quality from now on.

  3. Oh those gloves would make me want to do it ! LOL. happy Garlic planting :)

  4. Oooo I just bought myself a new pair of gardening gloves but your's are so much posher than mine.
    It always makes me feel good after a long session in the veggie garden.

  5. A pair of gardening gloves just isn't beautiful until they've gotten a bit of soil rubbed in!

  6. Mmmmm, they'd make me want to garden too. I'm slowly tackling my mess of weeds, one bed at a time.

  7. the backs of my legs are so stiff today! you'd think they'd be used to that position - the amount of weeding I do!
    Lloyd is only prepared to sacrifice one of the hard neck garlic bulbs so I hope they grow well for us!

  8. Good for you Laura. I think they show all the elbow grease you used!


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