Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confusing weather

Ok we've had a bit of rain here and there but the weather has been so mild, nay hot, for this time of year that poor old mother nature is somewhat confused. ( lloyd has just informed me that the word 'nay' was popular some 400, nay 500 years ago! Cheeky Monkey!) The leaves have stopped dropping off the trees, and spring flowers are starting to appear. We haven't even had winter yet!
Supposedly it's set to change next week and finally get colder ( we can get that fire lit at long last!) but until then we'll just enjoy.


I thought I'd have a wee look back to last year and find out when these started to flower in the garden and it was June 20th! So they're over a month earlier this year.
Confusion reigns!


  1. It is a bit of a mild hit of winter here too Laura. It's good to keep track of things through your blog. We used to keep a yard 'diary' in which we noted what day we lit the first fire of winter, or what wildlife we'd spotted. A blog makes it all so much simpler.

  2. Whilst over here it is freezing already!! The cold snap has really hit us early this year. Have had frost already and it's not even June yet!
    Enjoy your Autumn whilst you can!

  3. It's been soooo warm! 22C and rain, no wonder the jonquils are confused.

    Come on winter, hit us with your best shot, I want to crank up the fireplace :)

  4. We have had the same phenomena here is South Australia, with jonquils and daffodils blooming 3 months early! Apparently it is because we had such a wet summer (La Nina) and the plants are confused. I should also add that every single flowering plant in my garden is in flower, which is also strange for May. But it's so pretty I can't complain. :)


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