Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spaghetti Al' Aglio

This is a go to dinner for us when we're tired, haven't got anything in, fancy pasta, or want food in a hurry!!
It is so, so simple!

Ingredients ( for 2)
Enough spaghetti for however many people 
2 smallish cloves of garlic, or however many you like
1/2 a nippy chilli. ( I used half a sudra, this is hot enough for me)
lots of parsley
Tiny bit of cream
little knob of butter and a tiny bit of olive oil
Lloyd likes some soy sauce in his. Strange but true - this comes about because years ago he used to stay with friends in France who had Vietnamese families staying near by who sold soy sauce - so in turn soy sauce went into everything.

Cook spaghetti as you do

chop garlic, parsley and chilli.

In a small frying pan put the wee knob of butter and the tiny bit of olive oil and add in the garlic and chilli. Cook over a medium heat, stirring and make sure the garlic doesn't burn. Just takes a few minutes.

Once the spaghetti is cooked ( drain it and put it back in the pan) then add in the garlic, chilli buttery mixture. There should have been enough butter and oil to leave a bit of liquid.

Stir it all around so the spaghetti is all coated. Then add in the copious amounts of chopped parsley and stir around again.

Here's where you can add in a small spoon of cream - only if you want, though and/or the soy sauce.

It's, quite frankly, delicious!


  1. This looks delicious! I like pasta most when it's kept nice and simple. Our favourite is penne with tomato, goats cheese and basil. We'll have to try this now!

    Katie x

  2. That looks so yummy! I like pasta most when it's kept nice and simple. Our favourite is penne with goats cheese, tomato and basil. I will have to try this now too!

    Katie x

  3. I love this and variations of it- it is my little boys' favourite meal but sometimes they look at me with tears in their eyes and streaming noses "too spicy mummy, can we have cheese with it?".
    I Sometimes add just a little parsley and bulk out the greenery with chickweed as parsley has been light on here.

  4. It looks delicious.

  5. Oooooooooooo that looks so scrumptious! Yum. I love pasta best when it's kept simple like this. YUM YUM YUM YUM.

    I have been known to put marmite into mine...sounds horrible but it ain't half bad!


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