Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A wee while ago I was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to review
To say what I thought about their product range and how they operated as an online shop with environmental and social responsibilities. 
They have an extensive range of absolutely lovely things. Initially I thought I might get a wee pair of socks or something (which would have been lovely) but no, they were incredibly generous.

What I really like about this shop is that they sell lots of really, gorgeous, useful, environmentally friendly products, they're sponsors of CanTeen and HeartChildren, they have super nice staff and they ship free all over New Zealand with a free returns service. They are based in the Uk and the shipping there is free and they ship worldwide.

Anyway, after humming and hawing over what to choose, it was tricky as they have lots of gorgeous Icebreaker clothes ( Lloyd is a huge fan) and merino wool loveliness just in time for it getting colder, I eventually decided on a pair of Simple Shoes.

fab or what!

It get's better. They're made from certified organic cotton and eco-certified suede, recycled soda bottles for the laces and the bottom of the shoe is made from recycled car tyres.
You can read about them in full HERE.
So that's all good stuff. But are they comfortable? They are. Incredibly, and they're well made.

Now, it was made clear to me that the review didn't have to be good. It just had to be about my experience of shopping with Natureshop. But I had an excellent experience so this blog article has to be good! It's only fair. 

The shoes arrived very quickly, and were well packaged. My emails were answered really quickly and were so friendly.
But the main thing, I suppose is... would I shop with them in the future?
Yep, in fact Lloyd is so impressed with the service and the shoes that he wants a pair - he just has to choose which colour he wants.

Wasn't I lucky.


  1. You were very lucky - they are adorable!

  2. The shoes are great. I will definately check out their site.

  3. Laura's Mum1:55 pm

    Wow they are lovely. Sounds like you had a great experience. Off for a look.

  4. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Oh I like them!

  5. Very lucky!! I love them.

  6. Steph4:52 pm

    yes! you are lucky, they're smashing.

  7. Ooo they are lovely, lovely, lovely! Fabulous colour, and what wonderful laces... I am very envious - I would very much like my own pair :)

  8. These are totally gorgeous. I will certainly be looking into these.

  9. they're so lovely, i had them on all day today and not a sore foot in sight!!!!

  10. I love this shoes...are lovely.
    Hellooo from Greece and Στάλες στο γαλάζιο blog team!!


  11. Jenny's garden11:06 pm

    cute. going to look at natureshop now :o)

  12. Totally jealous

  13. They're fabulous Laura!

    I'd love to own them!

  14. they are very cute!!

  15. I can see you wearing them and they are lovely, just like you :-)

  16. Those shoes are fab! I have to look them up now...


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