Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The chickens were just roosting and making a bit of a noise, as they do every night. I thought it would be fun to see if I could get a photograph of them all up the tree as it's so funny to see - however I misjudged quite how dark it had got so when I wandered into the chicken run, camera in hand, I fell into one of their dust baths - which sadly for me, is not very dusty at the moment but has more of a wet mud thing going on. I splattered all over the ground covering myself nicely in chicken poop and earth! I saved the camera, though. *subdued Whoo hoo*

After all that it was too dark to get any photos of them, anyway, so I took the moon, which is stunning tonight, and the lights on our outside deck - cos they look pretty!

Didn't want to get covered in poop for nothing!


  1. Oh dear...poop!

    Wonder if your chickens chuckled amongst themselves at the sight of you falling into the mud and poop lol!

    Glad the camera was safe though...

  2. Ooo your moon photo is just lovely and your lights are beautiful! I am a big fan of pretty lights, and just bought a new one that I've been lusting after for some time today :)

  3. Ooh, beautiful! Had to laugh at the mental picture though :)

  4. Alan and Penny11:00 pm

    Oh Laura! I really feel for you; it's just the sort of thing that happens to me--and then Alan shouts at me and that don't help!!! Anyway-your photos are lovely-whatever!

  5. Too bad, but at least you got some striking photos in any case. That moon through the trees is lovely.

  6. It was worth it. The shots are fabulous!!

  7. You gave me a good laugh! I just love the shots... especially the one of the moon... sort of eerie and hints at mystical..I love it!

  8. I just found your Blog and had a good laugh,, I to was out taking photos of the moon last night, but I didn't fall in the poo.


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