Monday, June 13, 2011

Say Hello to King Bertie

Some of you may remember Gladys, my rooster. Well it's taken me a while to be ready to replace him. We've had baby chicks that have turned out to be boys, but I've given them away as I didn't get attached to them. It was going to take a special boy to replace Gladys!
But, from day one, a wee Araucana was incredibly tame, coming right up and eating out of my hand, following me into the chicken house for extra treats and letting me pick him up whenever, pretty much jumping onto my hand. It was a keeper whatever sex he was - and he was a he! ( in fact it would seem that all three of the araucanas are actually boys, so no blue eggs for me, but that's another story...) 
So, he was to be named and King Bertie just seemed to fit him beautifully. He's a totally gorgeous boy. Still fairly young, he just started crowing a few weeks ago - 5am on the dot every morning then numerous times throughout the day. I'm not sure if he'll ever have a hand in producing fertile eggs, though, as he is a total wimp around the girls. But I don't mind. It's lovely to have him around, he still allows me to stroke him and pick him up for cuddles, he just curls up in my arms. And odd as it may seem, I like hearing him crow at 5am! I think "ah, that's my boy!"
King Bertie

This is Elizabeth, she hatched him so I suppose she's his mum
Elizabeth is an incredibly pretty Silver Campine. She was a first time mum this year and has been probably the best mum, ever.

And Bob! I know he looks like he's licking his chops in anticipation of a chicken dinner - but he's not honest - he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.


  1. what a gorgeous silverado he is...a lovely looking boy.

  2. Gorgeous boy, and very similar to our Lavender Pekin cockerel Caldwell.

    He likes to think he chases me out of the enclosure every day, I haven't the heart to tell him I was leaving anyway!!

    Sue xx

  3. Three gorgeous creatures who are very lucky to live where they do!

  4. Does that make her Queen Elizabeth!!!
    Hello King Bertie ;-0

  5. Elizabeth is sooooooooo pretty and king Bertie sounds like real sweetheart. You've got a lovely family :)

  6. Elizabeth has to be one of the most striking chickens I've ever seen. She is gorgeous. Her son looks pretty sharp too!

  7. How wonderful---he sounds so perfect and Bob is absolutely adorable in that picture :)

  8. He is gorgeous isn't he - glad I'm not totally biased!

    Sue I thought that when I saw your photos and wondered if they were lavender araucanas for a second.

    And yes, I've always thought Elizabeth ( or Queen Elizabeth as she will now be known!) is a wee stunner!

  9. Hi Laura, just found you and I looooove your farm. I've always found our Aracauna's quite wild (something to do with their South American forest natures) so you are lucky with King Bertie. I will keep drooling over your beautiful home and garden. Many thanks.

  10. Hey, stop by soon and pick up your Inspirational Blogger award on my blog at

  11. Hi from Oregon!!
    We saw you over at 'My life with Flyball Dogs".
    Love your pictures...gardening, dogs, farm life...seems familiar!


  12. Hi Laura! We made it home! Matt and I wanted to say thank you again to you and Lloyd for hosting us. We have so many great memories from your farm, and have impressed our friends and family with videos of Spotty the steer trying to eat our clothes! Now that I'm home to Portland for good, I'm going to get back into writing about simple life, gardening, and chickens! Because we're getting some, just as soon as we move into our house!

    Hope you're both well, and thanks again for the memories and hospitality!


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