Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting organised for Spring

Before we went on holiday I got myself organised, made pots then planted out my veggie seeds for this years garden. Since I got the wee portable greenhouses last year I realised I could get the seeds in much earlier and get a really good head start come spring.
I planted a lot of heritage tomato seeds, lots of chillis, courgettes, various different beans, gem squash, sweetcorn and aubergines. 
Come real spring I'll also plant some things straight into the ground, like peas, broad beans, lettuces and stuff like that.
After several years of veggie growing I've sort of worked out what works best for us and what we actually use.
Like this year I have planted 3 times as much sweetcorn as last year as it was a huge success and we could eat every last one.

Barlotti and snake beans

A courgette breaking through. This is actually the slowest one, the others all have leaves already.

 Lots of sweetcorn this year. I think I've planted about 20 and all bar one have come up.

Leafy courgette

I'm hoping we may even have edible asparagus from the new asparagus bed. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Now, the rest of New Zealand is pretty much covered in snow, they've even had some in Auckland which is pretty unheard of. We've never had snow up here, ever. Which is a little sad for me as I love snow.
However we just had a hail storm for about 30 seconds and that was pretty cool!
It is bitterly cold, though. Probably the coldest we've ever had in the six years we've lived here so we are making good use of this...

We went through that much wood yesterday afternoon!
A lot.


  1. Keep warm. I saw the snow in NZ on the telli last night.

  2. I hope it's not to cold, keep warm.

  3. Wow, I can't believe that you are so close but in terms of weather so far away! It is toasty here right now, still chilly at night but just glorious days... It's lovely to see all your spring/summer plantings, I too have put in a lot of sweet corn this year, you really can't have too much methinks!

    Recovering from your fabulous Bali holiday?

  4. Very interesting blog!
    have a nice day

  5. You're very organised! I'm just thinking about Spring, must get me a propagator I think.

    Bali looks amazing, especially those rice terraces.

    Your curry cup looks like it was fun and delicious - great combination!

    And bye bye Highland cows :(

    And double yay for a working bathroom!!

  6. Couldn't believe how cold it was yesterday! Spent all day in the kitchen where the Kent fire is.

    Much warmer today :)


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