Friday, August 19, 2011

I feel I have absolutely nothing to say!

Since we got back I've been totally exhausted.  But not at 2am! Wide awake then. Which  makes it incredibly difficult to get up in the mornings.
The weather has been cold but absolutely stunning, so I've been getting a lot done in the garden, but boring stuff to write about; like grass mowing, weeding, a bit of spraying, all necessary but hardly makes for scintillating conversation!
It is, however, lovely to be home.
Spring is in the air.

The blossom is beginning to appear on some of the early trees

But, because of the cold we have absolutely no grass. We've got a lot of kikuyu grass, it grows really well in Northland and is originally from Africa, I think. However if it gets too cold it dies, well sort of goes to sleep. The green top bits go completely brown and crispy but it's still alive underground as it shoots back into life in spring. At the moment we have paddock after paddock of brown crispy stuff. Thank goodness we sold the beef cattle and re-homed the highlands.
I even had to move the donkeys and alpacas into a bigger paddock yesterday. The donkeys were cool as cucumbers, having been in this paddock many times before, the alpacas, however went absolutely scatty!
It was brilliant. First they went for a wee explore then they just put their heads down and ran, and ran, and ran! The wind was blowing in their faces and I swear they were laughing their heads off. It was an absolute joy to watch.
So that's just what I did, sat down in the paddock and watched.
For ages!


  1. I love your post, but now I want to be at home and not an hour away at work! Roll on the weekend xxxx

  2. I wish you were at home too, I miss you xx

  3. I have a crispy brown kikuyu lawn in front too! And want to be on holiday as well! :)

  4. Alpacas adore getting new paddocks to explore, next time you move them have your camera ready!

  5. Gay, you are so right, I absolutely must!

  6. I hope the jet lag goes quickly for you, and looking at the daffodils spring is just around the corner.

  7. Hi Laura. It's the back to reality post holiday funk combined with cold weather. I've worked so hard I've given myself a stinking head cold so all quiet here as well. I'm very tempted to get some alpacas here so would love lots of photos. Take care, Alison

  8. You always post interesting things :) the flowers are glorious! And I didn't know the grass got crispy in NZ - I thought crispy grass was our thing over here, we are certainly specialists in it!

  9. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Sounds like fun.


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