Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twin Coasts Cycle Trail

We made the most of the stunning weather and got out on our bikes with Danny and Paula and did part of the Twin Coasts Cycle Trail today.  On the map in the link we did B to C, but we did there AND back. I am not a cyclist, in fact the last time I was on a bike I was probably about 16, so I really thought I hadn't a hope of managing a 28km cycle, but I did it and I completely surprised myself by actually enjoying it! Who'd have thought.

All set to go, after a little seat adjustment.

Lloyd just about to set off

Me just about to set off - check out my appropriate cycling gear! ( totally clueless)

Dead bikes! ( we really must get some stands for ours)

Some Maori carvings to mark the start of the route.

We  live right where the trail is, but have never seen the scenery from this angle before and it's really gorgeous. Lake Omapere was still and blue today ( usually its sludgy brown and wavy!) It was incredibly hot, bearing in mind it's still winter ( yeah, I know!) 

In the background is Te Ahu Ahu volcanic cone, it's extinct, thankfully!

We discovered a nifty new use for a water bottle holder - WINE bottle holder!

As the trail is mostly along an old railway line it's not got a lot of hilly bits in it so ~ allegedly ~ it's a fairly easy cycle. The only steep bit is right at the start and because we did there and back it meant the very last part was a steep uphill. ( I had to walk a bit, that was when I could actually still walk, I am now sitting down and am afraid I won't be able to stand up again for quite some time)

For anyone who lives up in this area I would highly recommend it, it's a great afternoon out and children could easily do it - if I can anyone can. It's had such a lot of work go into it it would be a terrible shame if it didn't get used.

We're going to do it again, I just need to get a wicker basket for the front of my bike and I'm set!


  1. Frugal Man was hoping we could do this today, but alas, my head was aching. Hopefully soon though!

  2. Melanie, that's such a shame, i hope you're feeling a bit better now. If only we'd known he could have tagged along with us. Shall I let you know when we do it again? we definitely plan to - when my backside is less tender!

  3. How gorgeous. The landscape is so beautiful. It is great that you made the most of such a fabulous day.

  4. And a helmet...!!!! In Australia it is a law that you have to wear a bike helmet!!!! and sunscreen!!!

  5. We did have lots of sun screen, but didnt wear helmets- I sort of thought that as we weren't on a road and there were no cars allowed it would be ok?? I must buy one now - probably slightly more important than the wicker basket I just ordered!!

    BM the scenery was breathtaking!

  6. I sound like an old bag telling you to wear sunscreen...sorry...xx

  7. Oh nO Suzanne you are absolutely right! Lloyd and I are very careful with the sun, my Scottish skin needs protection!!!

  8. Wonderful to see so many great photos ... I can never get enough photos of my homelands scencery!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Well done!

  9. Looks like heaps of fun :)

    What a stunning day it was. Hard to believe there was snow in Northland last week!

  10. That looks like an amazing ride! As a note, kickstands aren't really needed on bikes (I don't like or use one on mine), but if you lay the bike down on the ground, always lay it down with the chain up.

  11. KaREN, IT WAS ACE , and amazingly this morning I feel ok!

    good advice about how to lay our bikes down - makes total sense when you think about it - like we didnt!

  12. Anonymous11:10 am

    I think your outfit is perfect for cycling. In fact, I think you should start a line of clothing for bike riding!!

  13. Ha! Mel, well maybe I just might - little dresses and jeans are perfect for cycling as it turns out! NOT

  14. Love the outfit, I know what you mean about walking again and sitting.

  15. That is some beautiful countryside to pedal though! Good for you!

    With a basket and a helmet you should be set it sounds like! I fill my basket ridiculously full and can't imagine life without it. As for the helmet, mine has saved my brain just once, but the crack left behind was proof enough for me of its importance.

    Happy riding!

  16. got a good chuckle over your dead bikes comment. here in western Kentucky, Hubby and I have only just started biking ourselves. which means we've been on them twice since December! now that the weather will cool a bit, here's hoping we'll bike more now!


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