Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The A to Z of me

 Sue over at Living the good life posted an A to Z of me this morning and I thought it was great! So here goes mine.

A=Age; 43 and a bit. ( I typed that as 41 ~ does that mean I wish I was 41??)

B=Bed size; King, cos sometimes we share it with huge dogs.

C=Chore that you hate; cleaning the fridge. Mainly because I know I need to do it and right now would probably be good!

D=Dogs; Bob, Brodie and Tallulah who are all labradoodles, but Tallulah was a rescue and tbh even though it says on her card shes one we highly doubt it.

E=Essential start to you day; Loo, coffee or tea and a slice of toast.

F= Favourite colour; probably a sort of duck egg blue

G=Gold or silver; Silver ( or platinum!)

H= Height; 5ft 3in or 160cm
but with these on I am much taller

I=- Instruments you play; I play the coconut shells to make donkey clip clop noises rather spectacularly.

J=Job title; Farmer/gardener

K-Kids; none, just the dogs

L=Live; I was Born in Aberdeen in the NE of Scotland but now I live in New Zealand.

M=Mother's name; Denise

N=Nickname; My family and school friends all call me Lo. My dad still thinks it's hilarious to say "Hi, Lo"

O=Overnight hospital stays; Never once. Probably for this reason, hospitals scare me.

P=Pet peeves; em em em em the amount of fluff Bob Dog sheds all over the place. Lloyd has made me feel slightly better about this by telling me that he's just spreading the love.

Q=Quotes from a film; I think there's just one kind of folk. Folks. Scout - To Kill a Mockingbird.
May I admire you again today? ~ duckie in pretty in pink - what can I say, I'm a teenager of the 80's

R=Right or left handed; I'm a total lefty!

S= Siblings; One brother who I really miss cos he's so far away.

T=Time you wake up; 6.30am on a usual day. 5am on a swimming day.

U=Underwear; Marks and Spencer cotton pants!

V=Vegetable I hate: beetroot. It tastes like mud.

W=What makes you run late; disorganisation

X=Xrays you've had; ankle x ray, lots of chest x rays as when I was injected with TB stuff I was allergic to it. Didnt need to get that horrible big booster, but I did need to go for chest x rays for about 5 years.

Y=Yummy food that you make; pavlova

Z=Zoo animals;
Not so keen on zoos. But understand the good they can do. My old dive club in Scotland used to clean out the penguin pool at Edinburgh zoo.


  1. Well done! Fun eh! :D I have a dog that spreads the love too! :(

  2. What a great idea. Maybe because I'm "naturally curious" but I prefer to think of it as getting to know you better. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What fun!

    Big Bill doesn't spread the love because he's part poodle so he has wool but he sure spreads the licks! (kisses?)

  4. Rose, Bob's mum was a black standard poodle! he obviously didnt get the non shedding gene!

  5. That was fun. I enjoyed getting to know a little about you.

  6. Nice to meet you Laura! Love all your dogs, even the shedding one.

  7. Brilliant stuff.

    Sue xx

  8. J - Jealous of: those shoes!

  9. What fun - but you hate beetroot? You break my heart...

  10. Beetroot is WORSE than mud :-)

  11. haha! It would seem the world is divided on the merits or lack of in beetroot!
    Ms Lottie - where everyone gets a bargain!

  12. What a fun post idea!


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