Monday, September 26, 2011

A Present for the Chickens

I have a wooden 'chooketeria' that my chickens eat their food out of. It's one of those feeders that has a step and when the chickens stand on it the door opens and their food is free! I tend to have the feeder in their house so it's not out in the elements. I now have a lot more chickens, and it's been so successful that I decided to get another one.  This time I went for a metal one ( it may be aluminium?) as I thought this may be more durable . It remains to be seen how long it takes them to master it. It took them months to learn when I got the first one. I really hope they learn quicker this time round. (Oh and if you think that if they can use the old one, surely that can use the new one? Think again! I may as well have put an alien space craft in the chicken run!)
Anyway, here they are, pretending to use it.

Next... the signs I made a couple of days ago are all up in the right places.

I'm really pleased with them. I think it helped that I found an old bit of wood to paint on. 

And finally more flowers!
It's spring...sorry!
Everything is bursting into flower, bud and leaf. My favourite time of year.


  1. We have decided to spoil our chickens too - also got sick of feeding all the birds within a 2 mile radius as well as some very fat RATS! Did you get your's from RD1 as well?

  2. I did! The Kaikohe one - they are so friendly in there. I think there was one left in a box.
    A couple of years ago I was mowing the grass and I saw what I thought was a small border terrier in the chicken run chowing down on the food - I drove up close and it was the most gigantic rat I have ever seen. It didnt run away ~ it rolled!

  3. We used to have one where the chooks pecked at it and it would release the food a couple of pellets at a time. All the hens got it, but our rooster could never figure it out! He would just stand round waiting for a hen to do it for him!

  4. Ooo I LIKE! Would it open if a rat stood on it though?

  5. I've wondered about these. Would little silkies be heavy enough to open it? Actually if your chooks took so long to learn how to do it I doubt mine would ever catch on. Silkies are even dopier than your average chook I reckon!

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  7. many, many thanks for all the amazing photos and words you send us, we love receiving them! It makes you feel so much nearer, and I'm really looking forwards to being with you and Lloyd very soon now (all being well!!)
    The plan is for your Mum and I to stay at The Acorn for the first and last week, and to sleep at Juan's the middle week--so we'll see how that works.
    See you and Lloyd very soon. Loads of love to you both.

  8. Anonymous10:38 am

    Silly chickens. I love the signs.

  9. Thanks again for the bit of cheer Laura.

  10. I got mine from Kaikohe too! The staff their are just plain hilarious.

  11. Love that photo of the poppy - stunning! And I can almost hear the chooks - "Buk, what is that thing?" "Cluck, it's so shiiiiny!" "Buuuurk, do you think it's safe?" "You go closer." "No, you go!"


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