Saturday, September 24, 2011

My New Pride and Joy

I have a lovely husband,  and when a 'room' that we had been using for storage became available because we emptied it, he arranged for our ace builder, Matt, to come and put in a huge window ( which we already had) and put on a new door ( which we already had.)
This would then become my Potting Shed.

I have a potting shed!!


I LOVE it!

 From the outside - the 'Potting Shed' sign I just painted is going to hang on the door.

 And from the inside 

What do you mean you've never seen a chandelier in a potting shed??

It still looks very bare, but I'm sure I can fill it. I've got lots of NZ Gardner Magazines and gardening books to put on some of the empty shelves.
I'm just painting some more signs - one for the Wood Shed and one for the Tool Shed.

Spring is definitely here with a vengence.
One of my favourite spring things is the kowhai flowering - it's only a matter of time until the Tuis and Kererus find it.

oh and I've just been out in the garden and collected these.
I know, I know, the asparagus is small, but I couldn't resist.


  1. Love the Potting Shed....thanks for sharing it. Have fun getting down and dirty! :0)

  2. How lucky you are! Spring down there, and fall coming here... nice to see the flowers!

  3. You lucky duck, a potting shed of your very own. x

  4. Your shed is wonderful. I really like the sign.

  5. I have never seen a potting shed, look so neat and tidy, it looks as though it could be your craft room.
    Have fun in it and produce some great plants.

  6. Doesn't everyone have a chandelier in their potting shed?

  7. Lucky you Laura! He spoils you I think - enjoy.

  8. The potting shed look beatiful! We can't wait to see it:)

  9. Well it's all thanks to you guys for emptying it so beautifully!! Xx

  10. Wow, your potting shed is sweet. I can only imagine how it will look with time. You are going to have fun with it and I like the ideas of your signs too.

    Your blooms are lovely and your produce looks yummy.


  11. That is one nice potting shed Laura, and yes, you should have a chandalier in there, I have one in my chook shed...x

  12. Good morning Laura,

    Thanks for sharing your new potting shed. It is also encouraging to see you reusing things that you already have and making your own sign (you are very clever)!

  13. what a luxury, and I'm sure you will fill it in good time...I'm so jealous..but I'm working on a potting space too.

  14. Who's a lucky girl? I'm going to show hubby this post and tell him if he loves me he too would do this for me...

  15. Love the potting shed and the sign you made for it! I'm repurposing a shed too, but it's going to be my wood shop shed. I love reading your blog and the great pictures...beautiful country! It's nice to read about spring as we are entering fall. It will also be nice to see your summer as we're freezing throughout the winter months!

  16. I adore your potting shed! So envious :)

    And I reckon every potting shed should have a chandelier ;)

  17. Oh, how I wish I had a potting shed! What a blessing for you! It looks great.


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