Monday, November 28, 2011

Feels like Summer

The weather has been lovely for a few weeks now, but it's only in the last few days the heat has really kicked in and it feels like summer. It's not...yet, but the lush spring green is fading fast as we've had no rain for over three weeks, and with the heat, a few breezy days and the blue skies it doesn't take long for the ground to dry out. We're luckier than most as we have an irrigation system for the veggie garden and the farm has lots of water.

Some of the animals are really relishing the heat, though. Here's Pango having a snooze.
 I chased this bee all around the chive flowers! It was having none of my nonsense and made absolutely no effort to stay still, at all. He was far too busy.

 Tonight is home made pizza night, we're firing up the pizza oven and we've got some lovely Mahoe mozzarella and basil to top them with. Bliss.


  1. That soon yummy. Good photos of the bee.

  2. I know that chase the bees around feeling. I'm always terrified I will get stung in the process...gorgeous picks and wish I could drop over for some pizza!


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