Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is there something sillyish you've always wanted, but never had?

I've always wanted a dressing table! I've never had a real one. Living on a farm I don't spend much time 'getting ready' for the day. Often I don't  brush my hair for a couple of days, but if we're going out somewhere nice I do make an effort ~ and I do actually own a brush. When I was younger I used a sideboard thing, and up until today I had a mirror beside a chest of drawers, in a wee dark corner.
However, yesterday a friend pointed me in the direction of a trade me seller she thought I might like - might like!? I LOVE her! And in the background of one of her photographs was a distressed, pre-loved dressing table. I emailed her to ask if it was for sale and it was. So today we drove to have a look at it
(I was clutching the money in my sweaty little hand, so there was going to have to be something terribly wrong with it for me not to get it!)
Anyway, I loved it, so now it has a new home and at the ripe old age of 43 I have a real dressing table.
I'm thrilled!

And then, to make life complete, my magazine was waiting for me in the mailbox when we got home!
Happy days.


  1. Laura I just went to the newsagent to treat myself, and it wasnt there, not even a back issue, nothing....I would have been happy with one from six months hoo.....
    Now, that dressing table, fab, I grew up using my had EXACTLY the same mirrors that the side ones turned in...on each surface top was a sheet of bevelled glass which underneath you would place your doileys...a little one for each side and a big one for the middle.....enjoy your beautiful dressing you dont have a stool with a purple fluffy cover like I did??????????

  2. Suzanne No! disappointing! Seriously with the way the exchange rate is it worked out cheaper for me to get a subscription sent from the Uk than to buy one each month here. Also you get the newest issue, not a month old like I used to get if I could ever find it. Might be worth thinking about - it's so lovely getting in in the mailbox. It's a monthly present! I don't have a stool or anything ....yet! I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled looking for one - pink and fluffy sounds rather cool.

  3. Simply gorgeous, so glad it found you! Aaagh, subscription direct, never thought of it. I get mine a month late and now the newsagent isn't stocking Gardens Illustrated (horror).

  4. I love it! It is just loved enough and the handles are
    Thank you for your message, I'm off to find a pillow now!!

  5. So sweet I meant about the handles.

  6. I love your dressing table, all us 'farm girls' need our little bit of girly space somewhere in the house. And I agree a pink fluffy stool would just complete the picture.

    Enjoy using it and most of all enjoy reading the latest Country Living, I've just finished mine. It's always a treat to curl up with a mug of coffee, a biscuit or two and the magazine.

    Sue xx


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