Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Lucky am I?

A friend came round this morning, and not only was she bearing cakes, but she also had a pile of Uk Country Living magazines she had finished with! There are few greater gifts than Country Living back issues!!
She's very brave, I can't bear to part with mine.

 I'll spend hours reading these ~ Happy Days.

The wild flowers are actually still doing beautifully. Well, I say 'wild flowers' but pretty much everything is eclipsed by poppies, vast amounts of poppies. I don't mind, though as they are so pretty.

I haven't posted any photos of the veggie garden recently, this is probably because everything is growing so slowly I'd need a huge macro lens to see anything. Also the birds have pecked out 2 tomatoes and a couple of sweetcorns - this has never happened before.
  I'm at a loss as to why it's all so slow this year. The weather is pretty nice, it's warming up well, the irrigation is working, there seems no reason, I'll just have to be patient, but when I compare it to what it looked like this time last year there is no comparison. Here's hoping the summer is a long one!


  1. Did you fertilize the garden area good over the winter? That could be a big difference between this year and last if you didn't do that.

  2. magazine heaven Laura, I could sit and read for hours and hours with you with that great lot...I may indulge, I havnt bought a copy for months......its my fav too..x

  3. I did fertilize it - really well with donkey poo and donkey poo tea and compost and stuff! Same as usual. Friends have also commented on how slow everything is this year - I think our winter was sort of prolonged!!
    Suzanne - come on over - kettles on - I'm happy to share!

  4. Penny6:13 pm

    I Love your bog Laura, it is aways a great pick me up!!

  5. You can't beat a long lazy afternoon with a stack of Country Livings and a big pot of coffee.

    Lucky you, I hope you find time to sit in your slowly growing garden and read them :-)

    Sue xx

  6. Check your soil temperature. Doesn't matter what you do if the soil temp is low cause nothing grows then. You also can't do anything about it.

  7. I think this is the problem, it's just taking longer to heat up this year!

  8. My favourite mag apart from the English Gardens Illustrated (which my newsagent has suddenly stopped stocking aaagh). I'm with the soil temperature. Take care, Alison


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