Friday, November 18, 2011

On My Mind

I'm joining in with  Rhonda's Down to Earth  'On My Mind', today.

Our Dishwasher is leaking - BIG time. I know exactly what's happened as this is the second time this year - mice. The wee monsters have eaten through the second outlet pipe. Who knows what the three cats are doing, but it's not keeping the mice out ( or maybe they are and it would be worse if they weren't here) Anyway, this morning I did the dishes by hand and I actually enjoyed it. I suppose that's because there were very few. I think my enjoyment of the task would decrease rapidly if we'd had a crowd round for dinner, but for now, I don't mind.
I didn't used to have a dishwasher. When I was single ( many moons ago) I just did all the washing up by hand, this was probably because I had the smallest kitchen in the world so there was no room for a dishwasher, and also I couldn't afford one.

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  1. I find it kind of like a few minutes of relaxation therapy while I'm washing the dishes by hand. I had a dishwasher years ago and after using it maybe 3 times in a year I got rid of it.

  2. How many years did we do with out the dishwasher? for me it was 39 years.

  3. Visiting from Down to earth today. I really like your blog, I started out reading your on your mind post and looked up and half an hour had passed as I got so interested in reading all your posts!Lovely photos.

  4. I grew up without a dishwasher. I had one briefly while in college, but ended up having to wash my personal dishes by hand and hide them, as my roommates would let things stack up in the sink and dishwasher for weeks at a time. I still don't have a dishwasher, and have to say, though its not like I enjoy washing dishes, I don't really mind it that much in the end.

  5. Never had a dishwasher and don't mind dishes. As you say it's alright if not too many.

  6. My family had a washer growing up, but I haven't since being on my own. Dishes used to fill me with dread, but I've now readjusted my attitude to realize they just come with the territory when you are making awesome foods from scratch at home!

    We are now good about washing up after every meal so there isn't an overwhelming amount after the evening meal. It makes it much more manageable.

    Last night I had 8 folks over for dinner which quite literally made every bowl and plate in my house dirty. Right after they left I washed up and was shocked to see it only took 20 minutes. It used to seem so much longer....

  7. I have never owned a dishwasher, and probably never will...Hubby and I do the dishes together after our meal, doesn't take long when someone helps. During the day I do them on my own but there is less to deal with. I find if I wash dishes as I go along preparing a meal, it makes life a lot easier...

    Happy dish washing!


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