Saturday, November 19, 2011

See how we've grown

The chicks are almost 2 weeks old now, and they are smaller than other chicks we've had at 2 weeks, but they're adorable. All 8 are doing incredibly well. They are so super speedy, running around all over the place. Usually I would let them out of the broody run around 2 weeks with mum, but as these ones are so small I'll definitely leave them longer. They've got feathers through and some have wee tails. I have no clue as to sex of them and as they are half araucana ( notoriously difficult to tell) I'll have to wait for ages. I'm so hoping for at least 50/50 girl boy.
 Here they are yesterday evening, going to go to sleep

This one was still up and jumping around - he's probably a boy!
I think poor Mavis is getting itchy feet and would like to be out, roaming free. Poor thing. 


  1. They look very happy and healthy

  2. How quickly they have grown, very cute.


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