Thursday, December 01, 2011

Meet the New Additions

About 6 weeks ago we asked our stock agent to see if he could get us 10 weaner steers. The grass was all grown again and it was time. However, the market went a bit haywire and even though we contacted him a few times there was nothing doing. So after faffing around we decided that as the grass was too high now anyway and it also had a lot of carrot weed in it we would get Billy our tractor out, slash a couple of paddocks this week, let one paddock grow nice fresh grass that we'd get cut for hay in a few weeks and put calves in the other cut one. ( and leave the rest for now!) However, the best laid plans and all that!
Last night, about 7.30pm, Lloyd and I had just finished dinner when a rather large cattle truck appeared in our driveway. Lloyd wandered out to ask if he was lost, but no, he was in the right place and he had 11 wee moos for us. eh??
Turns out the stock agent was at the sales and the prices had dropped so he got in there and got us exactly what we wanted. However, he didn't tell us that.
It didn't really matter that much, as we'd done a huge check over and fix up of the fences last week in preparation so we just put them in a very long paddock for now. I'll hopefully get it cut this weekend.

They are the most gorgeous wee things, very quiet and they've been hand reared.  They're charolais/dairy crosses. If we were rich we'd probably go for pure bred angus or something, but we're not - and anyway,  these are pretty!

This one's my favourite, he has a wee heart.
So, they'll be with us for the next 2 years, pretty much, then they'll go to "pastures new".

Other happenings today ~ well, as it's really warming up, Brodie needed to go for a haircut. I must admit to liking it when he's all long and curly, he looks like a teddy bear. But it's far too hot, so it's off with his curls.

This is what he looked like this morning

And by afternoon it was all gone.


  1. Poor Brodie, I liked his long coat as well.
    Tell him he can grow it next winter.
    Your calves are great. Surprise, surprise. You never know what might turn up.

  2. The calves look so gorgeous. Such a wonderful addition to the wee farm.
    I'm sure Brodie will appreciate the 'new do' with the weather warming up.

  3. Brodie looks lovely. We clipped one of our dogs and, well, lets just say she's glad we don't take her to public places! And those cows look angelic.

  4. Brodie looks lovely with his hair cut!!

    Your stock man was very clever....fancy getting colour co-ordinated calves to go with the nice smart Brodie. They are gorgeous!

    Sue xx

  5. Sooo cute those steers, we do it the other way. Have the calves and then sell them off to a biodynamic farmer who 'finishes them off'. But (there's always a but) this year I'm late getting the bull in so we are thinking of starting afresh and going your model. Who knows what is best? Oh yeah, Brodie looks good too but I'm a sucker for calves! Lol

  6. very sweet!
    We call them Bob calves at that size,I've not heard the term weaner calves.

  7. Ah, what adorable animals share you life!

  8. What sweeties, they should be easy to handle being hand reared.
    I'm sure your puppy dog will be grateful in the heat for his haircut. He looks cute.

  9. Your Brodie looks sweet az! My Wilson is due for the same hair cut and soon it will be ... 'are you my dog?', when I collect him from the beauty spa.

    The calves are cute, but I couldn't do the ... off to other pastures ... never!

  10. Oh Karen, you have no idea! last year we took a large drop in profit to sell them early so that they went to another farm rather than "pastures new" as I can hardly bare it! I'll never make it as a real farmer!
    Sue, how right you are - he went to a lot of bother to do that!!!


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