Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Shoes...pppfft!

An obscure quote from "Twin Peaks" might alert you to the fact that this is not Laura, but her partner in decidedly non-criminal behaviour, Lloyd. I have hi-jacked her 'blog to write a thank-you note:

You may remember a while ago the lovely people at Natureshop let Laura try out a pair of Simple Shoes, well they're back, and this time asked if I would like to try out some Merrell shoes, naturally, I didn't want to disappoint them. I'm such an agreeable person like that.

So here are the shoes I chose. They're very "technical" which is another way of saying that  I have no idea what they're made of. But they weigh about half of a sparrow's fart, and are as comfy as all get out. They breathe (well, not literally), and have hardy Vibram soles, a factor that has influenced my shoe-choosing since I was about 7. Actually, I was doubly delighted that I'm their new owner, firstly because they are a very practical pair of shoes, and also because (and I know it's a long way off yet) I'm going to do a half-marathon next year. If I write that in lovely Laura's 'blog, then it HAS to happen, and I reckoned that a half marathon was a good distance for someone who hates exercise. (After all, if the first Marathon runner, Phidippides, died after he completed the 26 miles, hopefully, I'll only be half-dead)

But back to the shoes: They appear to be really well-made, they are very comfortable, and need no breaking-in. They even look quite smart with a pair of jeans! I couldn't be happier! Thank you NatureShop  - www.natureshop.com!

For all you people who might want to know more here's a direct link to where you can buy the shoes from  http://www.natureshop.co.nz/merrell for New Zealanders and http://www.natureshop.com/au/merrell for those if you in Australia!

In other news, and she wasn't going to mention it, because she is a humble person, not given to boasting, I'm very proud of Laura who swam in last Sunday's State's Ocean swim series competition. Whilst Laura is a very good, and very keen swimmer, who can comfortably swim for miles in a pool, she really dislikes swimming in choppy seas, and on Sunday the weather was awful, the currents strong, and she completed the 300m swim in 5min 40sec which is FAST! So well done Laura, my wonderful, and swimmy wife!


  1. It is so nice to here the news from you Lloyd. Cangrats to Laura,about the swimming.

  2. Oooh, I love a good hijacking and I can vouch for the Merrell's. I lashed out and bought myself a pair when I was working for long hours on my feet at outdoor events. And good job Laura, you are a star!

  3. Great shoes lucky you. Well done on the swim.

  4. Aw, you two are so sweet! It makes me happy.

    Good luck on the running, Lloyd, and congrats on the fast swimming, Laura!

  5. Jinny's Garden7:17 pm

    They look really great. And you made me laugh1

  6. Well done on the swim Laura.

    And I really like those shoes!!

    Sue xx

  7. Lloyd, you do make me laugh. Laura did do well, I too am very impressed.

  8. Lloyd you are VERY funny!! Laura, I am MOST impressed with your swimming in the big scary ocean and your time which to me seems SUPER fast!

    Oh you guys! Too cute!

  9. Bethany8:35 am

    Oh that was the funniest review I've ever read for a pair of shoes!
    I've had a look at Nature Shop and it looks great.


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