Friday, January 13, 2012

Summer's first tomato.

I planted a couple of Black Krims this year.  An old heirloom tomato originally from Russia. It's supposed to taste amazing.  We shall see, I just picked it! I also thought the colour would make a nice change in salads.

It smells lovely, really tomatoey. ( is that even a word?)

I've also planted Moneymakers, pink Brandywines, sun cherrys, black cherrys, beefsteaks and a few rogue ones that popped up in the compost so I replanted them in the veggie garden. One looks like a beefsteak, one a brandywine and the last one is a surprise! I love these rogue tomatoes!


  1. Oooh, yum. I'm still waiting for mine. How was it?

  2. Looks like tomato chutney might be happening soon.

  3. I am so far from the first summer tomato! Oh how I can imagine that taste though! We had black krims last year. My brother-in-law made black krim salsa that was quite striking, not to mention tasty!

    Happy eating!

  4. Oh, that looks YUMMY and beautiful! It's so nice to see your summery things when we are enjoying a snowstorm here!

  5. Good looking tom! We planted one of that variety too, sadly a lot of our toms got sunscald because the spot they went in was obviously much to ohot and sunny.

  6. We grew the black krims in the (English) summer on our allotment in Derbyshire. If we left them on the vine a bit longer they ant a dark, almost black colour. And they did taste amazing. They also roasted really, really well and made an wonderful passata


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