Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feeding time at the Zoo.

Facial excema season is upon us so we have to be very careful with the Alpacas, as they are very sensitive to the the disease. if anyone is interested there is a great article HERE all about it. We have no visible leaf mould in the alpaca paddock, but are feeding them a special food with a zinc supplement in it. They need to have some of this every day. Thankfully our lot seem to really like it.

Here they are - Darjeeling is chowing down!

Here he is again, having a right good chew!

Handsome Earl Grey - he's such a gentle boy.

And Tetley - who is just an angel!

The alpacas have been such a gigantic success. We're seriously considering buying a girl one and trying to breed some. We're thinking....


  1. They have such pretty faces. It would be sad if they got a disease.

  2. They have the sweetest faces. I hope they stay healthy.

  3. Oh how wonderful! I hope you do get a female and have some babies. They're incredibly adorable and I think it'd be a great operation. Is there much demand for the wool?

  4. Gay Moller, Lallybroch Alpacas4:50 pm

    Hi Laura, Next time you're down in Whangarei you should come visit our new cria, then you'd definitely be hooked on breeding some of your own,

  5. TBH I'm not sure about the demand for wool. I know that for the first 2 years we're keeping ours to make a huge blanket and I've been on a couple of felting courses. I think perhaps you'd need an alpaca with very good wool to make any money from selling the fleece - but I really don't know!

    Gay, I would love to!!


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