Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Pip's roof blew off!

It's no secret that up until now Northland is having the most horrible summer on record. It's barely stopped raining and we've had a lot of strong winds as well. Not ideal summer weather. On Saturday last week I was walking past the Pip with friends and said "that roof is going to need redone very soon" The felting stuff was all worn - it most certainly wasn't made to withstand New Zealand's UV rays!
Well, the very next morning we got up and I noticed that during the night the roof felt had blown off. The roof is only made of very thin tongue and groove and is most definitely not waterproof. My sewing machines are in there and all my fabric!!

 So we braved the wind and rain ( it's very hot and humid though) and set about nailing it back on. It was an incredibly temporary measure.
Thankfully we have a friend who is a roofer - how lucky is that! He came over today and put a new roof on - to say I love it is an understatement! It makes it look much more solid and like a real house!
A very dirty real house - the new roof is just what I need to spur me on to give it a right good clean!

Thank you, Craig!

And finally the sun has come out - it feels like it's here to stay for a few days, at least. I hope so, as tomorrow we're off on a dive trip. I'm going to dive the Rainbow Warrior! Exciting stuff.


  1. Glad you got your roof fixed on the little house and that your fabric and machines didn't get damaged. I'd love a cute little house like that for my sewing room...

    Have fun on your dive!

  2. I echo Tania's post. Thankfully you didn't suffer any damage to your sewing supplies. I just love your little sewing house. When you get a chance will you post a tour in photo's of the inside. How cute!!!

  3. So sorry the wind blew the roof off.
    It certainly has not been good weather for you. At least the Pip looks as though it has its hat on now.

  4. I know what you mean about the weather! The roof looks great! A relief to have a new one!

  5. Oh Kay! I love that you said the Pip has its hat on now! :)

    I promise I will take some pics for a tour of the inside, but at the moment I would be embarrassed - it's like a bomb went off!

  6. Sorry about the roof damage, but look at that splendid new roof. I think your little place looks really nice.

    Enjoy your trip, and have fun working in your little creative space.


  7. Things 'blow off' all the time here! Joe would say it was me but we all really know it's him don't we!! Glad to hear Pip is better! :D

  8. That is so cute! Gives me sewing house envy - mines a right little shed without any endearing features! We're have a drab summer too - but without the warmth. Except for the odd day here and there when it's excessively hot (35 today) and dreadfully windy. I should tidy up my shed today (such a mess) but think I'll just sew inside instead :-)

  9. Wishing you more sunshine! And happy cleaning!


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