Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make hay while the sun shines (or not) ...Part 3

We have bales!
And thank goodness, as the sky is getting blacker. Hopefully in the next few hours they will all be in the shed - where it's lovely and DRY. We've been incredibly lucky. The sky has been threatening for the last 2 days. Some very black clouds have passed overhead but no rain has come out of them! Big Whew!!
Lloyd and I both have cricks in our necks from looking up so often.

Just had the grand total - 415 bales.

And other exciting news... two of our new alpaca girls arrived yesterday afternoon. Meet Vienna and Cocoa.

This is Cocoa ~ who looks rather more like Elvis than cocoa!

 Today we had just fed them and were admiring how pretty they are when I saw Cocoa's baby kicking through her tummy!! It was amazing. She's due to give birth to a wee cria in April.

And this is Vienna. She's actually Tetley's mum. She's a wee bit older and I love her whiskery face!


  1. Oh those Alpacas are just gorgeous,,,I will have to show my Mr15, he adores alpacas and wants us to buy him one....little bit hard on a suburban block lol!
    Good to see the hay bales are all safely put away or will be, I'm in Adelaide and we have had constant rain all day.

  2. Congratulations (on it all). very jealous with your hay. We couldn't find anyone to do ours (as the bailers head to the BIG farms first). I want some alpacas now...looking forward to hearing how you find them. I'm off for my last trip into town before the floods arrive...

  3. funny character faces...I love the whiskers too...and look at your hay! You made hay!!!! I would don a hat and sit out there for a farmers photo shoot if I was you,, quick before it rains!!!!! Have you got a pair of overalls, maybe some with roses on them!!!!

  4. overalls with roses - INSPIRED! oh now I want a pair!!

  5. I love alpacas. They always look so comical. I can't keep a straight face when I see them. We encountered a couple on our holiday in Newcastle. Pip was enamoured particularly with one named Eugene who was the loveliest chocolate brown.

  6. Great news about the bales and love those Alpacas looking foward to har more about them.

  7. It's funny to see you putting up hay while we are still in the midst of winter. So glad you got it up before the rain. Boy, we know that feeling of relief all too well!
    Lovely alpacas... congratulations on the new editions. Can't wait to see the little one!

  8. I Love the smell of fresh hay. Looks great. Those sweet looking girls are a lovely addition to your wee farm! Can't wait for more updates on the baby.

  9. Oh Viennas face is just so cute! Glad you got the hay in on time, you never can tell what mother nature will throw at you - luckily you were in her favour this time!


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