Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remember the baby chickies?

Here - Cuteness Overload!  Remember when they looked like this...

Well now they have grown into some lovely wee chickens - out of the 8 that hatched three are boys - which is actually a very good ratio by my usual standards! The girls are all plain black except one which has lovely brown feathers on her neck. The boys, however, are stunning wee things. One is almost like an old fashioned game bird and the other 2 are twins.
It's only a matter of time till I need to find them new homes ...

This boy is an Araucana/Siver Laced Wyandotte cross

Here're 2 of the girls and George. He would appear to be an araucana/Minorca cross, cross ( I have one minorca/cross lovely girl)

And this is Dorothy - I have no idea what she is! The dad to all of them is King Bertie who is the araucana, and I thought I just picked Wyandotte and Campine eggs, but in actual fact I am clueless! They're pretty wee things though. I wonder if any of the girls will lay blue eggs since they are half araucana?
 They grow us so quickly!


  1. Will they keep their little hair doos...its like they have wigs on...?

  2. heehee they will! That's the araucana in them!

  3. All my MIL's araucana cross birds lay greeny eggs. It's the blue eggs crossed with the brown eggs. Your campine crosses might lay light blue eggs because campine eggs are white (I think!).

  4. Oh that would be brill! it'll be interesting to see - I'll keep you posted.

  5. I'm in love with George. He's a handsome young man, isn't he. They all make my chooks look so boring.

  6. Hi Laura

    Dorothy looks like my caramel Wyandotte, so I think you still have a cross there. They are all VERY cute!

  7. Too cute! Green eggs for sure. I brought 2 araucanas home last night!

  8. Way cute! I just ordered more chicks, to make up for the older hens and the ones I lost to fox and hawks!


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