Sunday, March 25, 2012

Autumn is well and truly here.

 Most of the trees in the garden are actually still green, but this wee corner has turned already. I do love it when things start to look all golden and red, but it also  makes me a little sad as I know summer's definitely over for another year.
However autumn is the time of some good things in the garden, feijoas, figs, olives, tamarillos and my favourite... passion fruit! Last year we hardly had any as I had just planted the vine. This year we have millions! I have the planted vine and also a self seeded one - the self seeded ones always do the besst, but they're also always in the wrong place. This one has grown up our water tank and is now all curled round the gutters. It really can't stay here so it'll have to go - but I gave it one year of fruiting as I know it would be laden, and it is. It'll be so sad to remove it, but I have to.

Anyway, this is the pulp from my first haul, probably got about 10 more hauls like this to go. This may finally be the year that we're passionfruited out! But it freezes really well.

Yesterday Lloyd and I went down to the Poor Knights Islands with some of the people I swim with. This wasn't a dive trip, it was a swim/snorkel trip. And it was completely brilliant! I saw so much more than I did on the last trip when I was actually diving. You can get into much smaller areas so we went snorkelling round all these small caves and little crevices. Lloyd absolutely loved it too. Can't wait for the next trip like this it was rather mind blowing actually!

And finally it would seem that the weather has eased up a bit - well the rain - from today, we're supposed to have almost a week of no rain. Which will be rather a relief.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Yum... love passion fruit.

  2. Wow, look at all that fruit... Yum. I have recently planted a vine in my garden, I hope I have that success when it fruits.


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