Friday, March 02, 2012

A lovely barn full of hay!

Well, it would seem that even though our hay was cut incredibly late by usual standards, this was all down to the weather, our timing was rather perfect so far as a dry few days were concerned! It's all safe and dry from the 'weather bomb' that is supposedly heading our way.
 These photos are happy photos!

Now we just need to sell the stuff. Going to put some postcards in all the local farm shops and also make a sign for outside the house - thanks to Bev who made this suggestion as I hadn't even thought about it!  In the words of Homer Simpson, Doh!


  1. Might need to come and see you bout some of that hay. Yay that you got it in in time.

  2. I'm loving your tractor and hay pics! Gorgeous and summery!
    Am missing summer already :(

  3. Ms lottie you can come any time! :)

    Hi Carole, it is beginning to feel mighty autumny even up here.

  4. Loving the photo's and so glad you got all the hay in on time, Ahh how lovely popcorn and movies :) Enjoy. Take care Kris xx

  5. Yea----glad you got it up before the bad weather was to arrive! These pictures make me happy :)


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