Saturday, March 03, 2012

No storm here

it would seem that we got off very lightly in the 'weather bomb'. I woke up once last night when a gust blew something off the deck and rattled the bedroom window but that was it! Mum  slept over here last night, though, on the sofa! It would appear she had a guest...
He's all newly trimmed so obviously thought he was clean and shiny enough to curl up with her.
 (like that makes a difference!)

When I was out yesterday checking all the animals before the bad weather was supposed to come, the donkeys and alpacas were posing for photos! First one is Rachel!

Next we have Darjeeling and Earl Grey  who look like they are actually smiling for he camera!

And last but not least, Sheba!
Anyway, our original plans for today were snuggle up on the sofa, eat lots of rubbish and watch many films. However, as the weather is actually rather nice we'll do something else. Is it wrong that I'm a little disappointed?


  1. Love the gorgeous photos of the animals! No sign of the storm here either, feeling a bit disappointed too ;) xo K

  2. I LOVE these photos Laura. I am in NSW, Australia and we have had heaps and heaps of rain. It has been wonderful for us as we are not flood affected. Our dam and water tank are overflowing. It is good your hay is in the barn, just in case. I hope your weekend is a lovely one. xxoo Julie

  3. If you see what's happening in the US it makes our storms look like a stiff breeze :(

  4. Ah, those photos are priceless!! Glad you didn't get too hammered by the storm.

  5. Ok....I just want to die looking at the sweet donkey! That is a BEAUTIFUL shot!!!!!

  6. Phew! I'm so glad that the weather didn't get you! My lady was watching that storm and it looked BIG. There are lots of spring storms coming across the States and causing horrible damage. We live in a valley so the winds tend to blow over us, which is nice. As you go into fall we go into spring!

  7. The animal pictures are hilarious! Enjoy your visit with your mom :)

  8. I'm glad you're all ok. Love the photos of the critters! They look absolutely full of personality.

  9. Emily6:19 am

    Love your blog, such an inviting window into your life. Just wanted to comment how odd it is to read an entry dated 'Tuesday' when it's still Monday here in Canada...the internet is a strange and wonderful thing :)


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