Friday, March 23, 2012

Wee chicks!

I think Mavis may well end up being an almost permanent mum!
I got 12 fertile eggs, as I mentioned, only 5 hatched successfully. They are so cute. Yesterday when the horrible weather went, Lloyd and I moved the broody house out of the chicken run because it had got rather muddy just where the house was, and put it out on the grass. Then I opened the bedding area door so they could all get out an play - and that they did! The sun was shining and they really enjoyed running around. They're like little bumblebees, so fast and just bouncing around! Mavis is being a great mum again.

The black ones are the Barred Rocks and the brown are the barnevelders. I so hope there's a girl of each!

Little fluffy bums!


  1. They are so cute. I haven't had chicks for ages and I miss watching them.

  2. you can come over and get your fix! I've just made cupcakes!

  3. So cute Laura! I wanted midi to be mum but paua kept going broody! She's a good mum but it's a shame she won't let me near them, I so want a cuddle of fluff! Lol I heard good things about the girl ratio in colder weather, fingers crossed for you xxx

  4. the ratio is good to know! I'll keep you posted on that one! Do you keep yours in a broody house at all? That's how I manage to cuddle them, I can just reach in and pick them up..sort of!! xx


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