Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chickens all over the place.

Remember a few weeks back Mavis hatched 5 eggs, 3 barred rock and 2 barnevelder? Well they're doing great and are out running round with the rest of the chickens. I'm thinking they're all boys though. I'm going to post these pics on lifestyleblock and ask what they think, there are a lot of real experts on there.

 Anyone got any ideas? I couldn't get one of the barred rocks - it's too fast, but it has slightly more 'smudgy' markings and is maybe a bit smaller. It was the runt! If they're all boys I'll be disappointed, I'd love it if there was one girl of each. But as her first lot of babies this year were 5 girls and 2 boys I did really well there.

And speaking of the first lot of babies she had, here's one of them -  Dorothy. The only one with any colour on her. All the other girls are completely black, with totally araucana faces - you can sort of see Dorothy's beard and whiskers and her bouffant hairstyle! they're all really beautiful chickens, but really nervous, timid and flighty. No idea why, none of my other breeds are.

And finally I managed to get Consuela to stay still enough for a photo - she's a beauty! Roll on getting some green/blue eggs!

Lots of my chickens are moulting just now. All the minorcas are either half bald or almost looking lovely. The NHR's are all baldy! This is Abagail ( one of my favourite girls)looking a really sorry state. There are feathers all over the place at the moment!

Some of the flock, eating kibbled corn I chucked out for them.

 Oh and in case anyone was wondering, these pics were all taken in one part of the run, there is another large area that does have grass!!

Edited to add... well consensus of opinion on lifestyle block is that with the exception of the one brown on on its own, they're all girls!!! I love being wrong!  whoohoo.


  1. The babies are adorable! As for the poor moulting girls, well, I hope they look less pitiful soon...

  2. I'm no expert and I have none of this breed of bird, but to my eye the top picture looks like all girls and the single bird I think is a boy, I go off comb development, I've never been wrong with my birds, but it's harder from photos.

    We all seem to be writing chickeny blog posts at the moment, I guess it's just that time of year.

    Your flock look wonderful, a really nice mix of birds and colours, something I am hoping to achieve with my new girls arriving soon.

    Sue xx

  3. I really love chickens and would love to have some but alas/woe and all of those other sad words, we can't have them on our small block.

    It doesn't stop my 6 year old daughter from pestering me to get some every time she sees a picture of them from your blog. I think I'm going to have to change my blogging time habits.

    xx Susan
    (p.s I can't wait to see those blue/green eggs!)

  4. What great pictures of the girls/boys. I guess you'll be able to tell who's who when they mature a little. I've never had chickens but in my next life def. plan to.

  5. What gorgeous chickens!

  6. amazing post :)
    these chickens are so cute!!


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