Wednesday, April 25, 2012


He's been home for 5 days. And as well as eating on his own last night he drank on his own and honestly you'd have thought he was the winner of the Nobel Prize or something the way Lloyd and I carried on!

Also he's walking, a lot, all over the place. Every day he's getting less and less shaky.
So,  here he walking...


  1. Love and care can conquer a lot.
    Well done Banana.

  2. So lovely to watch.

    It's as though he's saying 'put down the camera and cuddle me' at the end.

    You're so fortunate to have this time with him, it could so easily have been a different ending.

    Clever Banana surviving his adventure.

    Sue xx

  3. Good on you Banana dude. You look like you need to eat a bit more ham to beef up a bit.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Go on Banana! What a survivor!

  5. What wonderful news!

  6. Anonymous7:50 am

    This is Lynne from Central NY in US and how sweet he is and how amazingly lucky and well loved!!! I love the little kitty noises. Mine does that too & it gets me every time! Yay for happy recovery!!

    Happy ANZAC day (I only know because I saw it earlier on my calendar!! LOL)

  7. Anonymous1:28 pm


  8. Alan and Penny10:15 am

    What an amazing little cat! He must have used up several of his lives in one "go"! Anyhow, we're both relieved he was found just in the nick of time, and is now really responding to your tlc.


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