Monday, April 23, 2012

A fishy day out.

We were lucky enough to go out on our friends boat at the weekend. It was a lovely day spent with friends, lazing around, 'catching' fish and eating delicious food.
We went out to the Cavalli Islands and moored up and fished for hours. It would be fair to say that the fish had us well and truly beaten! I think it's Lloyd and me - we are bad luck for anyone trying to fish!

Liam, the youngest and tiniest person on board caught the best fish of the day, that it was also his first ever fish was rather lovely!

 I think he enjoyed himself!

So the guys thought they better catch up and get some fish too! They did get about three snapper that were legal size, but they were still pretty small so we put them back. ( which secretly pleased me as I always feel so sorry for the fish)

Wilson - the dog - was keeping a close eye on proceedings!

We got back to shore as the sun was setting - all tired and happy after a totally gorgeous day out on the water.

Also I want to thank everyone who has wished Banana lots of healing thoughts. They must be working as he is coming on so well. He can walk a lot now, even though he's still pretty uncoordinated.   He hasn't drunk anything on his own yet, so we're still having to syringe water into his mouth. But he is eating, just wee bits. Little and often. He is on special cat food from the vet, but he's also allowed some cottage cheese, which he loves and some boiled chicken. It'll be a long road, but we are just so amazed by his progress, so thank you all once again, all your well wishes really mean a lot. Banana thanks you too - he feels very loved and pretty famous!


  1. Laura, that last picture you took as the sun was setting is really magical.

  2. I agree with "kays Kids",magical.

  3. Nobody ever wants to see 'family' suffer and this blogworld certainly makes us a universal family. That's why we want to see Banana thrive because he's special to us as well. Oh...and I'm so envious of the boat you go fishing in. Looks like a fantastic day. xx Susan

  4. Thank you, Susan, that' the most lovely thing to say, and very true! xxx

  5. What a beautiful day--sounds like a wonderful time :)


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