Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making Marmalade

I've never made marmalade before but I do like it rather a lot so decided that I really should give it a go.
So I did.

Yesterday I searched for, and found, a very simple recipe.

I got 8 oranges from the garden.
Washed them and then peeled the 'skin' off them with a potato peeler. After that I sliced it up.

Then you cut up the oranges into small bits and put them and the cut up peel in a large pan. Put in enough water to cover them. It took 4 cups to cover mine.

 Bring to boil, then simmer for around an hour until the oranges are soft.
 Then add the same amount of sugar as water. So in my case it was 4 cups.
 Bring to boil again, then simmer for ages. Mine took over an hour until it reached a set.

See, super simple, and it tastes amazing.
 BUT - because you leave all the pith on, the marmalade isn't that lovely clear jelly that I would like.

So, today I thought I'd try something else. And I completely messed around with a recipe I found in an old preserving book.
It's WAY more time consuming.

Here's what I did

6 oranges and one lemon
Half them all and juice. I have a juicer so I used that - it worked a treat as it removed a lot of the pith as well.
Put the juice in the fridge for later.

Put the pith and pips into some muslin and make a wee bag. Put this, and the citrus shells  into a pan with enough water to cover. Mine took 4 cups again. Bring to the boil then cover and simmer for around an hour, or until skins are nice and soft. Check it regularly, as I found I had to add more water.

After the hour, tip all the ingredients into a collander and squish them all down to extract as much liquid out of them as you can. ( I got about half a cup!) Scoop out any remaining pith from the shells, with a spoon.

Using a sharp knife slice the peel into thick or thin strands, which ever you prefer. Put these back into the pan, with the orange juice you squeezed earlier, and the liquid you got from the pan. When I did this is looked like hardly any liquid so here's where I veered completely off the recipe! I added 3 cups of water! Then got scared and wished I hadn't because now it looked too watery! But it was too late!


Add 4 cups of sugar and bring to the boil. Boil gently until you have a set. Test regularly. Mine took around an hour (!!) to reach a set, but it tasted amazing! I really thought it wasn't going to work and that I'd added in too much water. But there you go!

Once you've reached your set, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, off the heat. Give it a wee stir around to redistribute the peel, then bottle.
This made less than yesterday. but as you can see, its much clearer, and looks like marmalade is supposed to!

So, even though this recipe took way longer I'd do it again every time. ( and yes, I like my marmalade chunky!)


  1. I think marmalade is one of those things you either love or hate. I'm in the hate camp sorry. I did have one with a spirit in it once which was not so bad but can't remember the spirit. Well done!

    1. wierldy I used to hate it. Dad loved it so there was always some in the house and I thought it just tasted bitter and horrible. Now I love it! The spirit was maybe whisky? it's often put in.

  2. Are ya losing yer marble luv? lol You made marmalade here And I saved it cos I had intentions of making it one day :D

    1. Sue! I didn't make that one! it was all Lloyd - for the most part I was in the garden! I just took a couple of pics. TBH I actually thought marmalade was beyond me!! Bit of a guddle!

    2. On saying that it would have been handy to look at if Id' remembered!

  3. I like marmalade, but Matt is strongly opposed. He prefers a perfectly smooth and clear jelly. We meet in the middle with jam since we've found it way simpler to make than jelly.

    Your marmalade looks lovely by they way. I have citrus envy. : )

    1. yeah I do think marmalade is a right guddle to make!!
      We are over run with citrus - oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, ugly fruit. Only ones that are finished are the mandarins and they're only small trees. Our keffir lime even has a lime this year!

  4. Your marmalade looks amazing. I now do it without any peeling - just a rough chop of the whole orange and then when it has softened a quick blitz with a stick blender - much easier. Have a great week.

    PS I know you have probably been busy. Just a wee reminder that it would be great if you followed Carole's Chatter back. Cheers

  5. Wow, that takes ages! Robert loves marmie and I should really make some at some point. This year I made loads of lovely hedgerow jam. Wish we had oranges in OXON...or Vancouver for that matter. I think seville oranges will be in the markets soon, but what's the point when one has to buy them? Good for you using the garden's bounty like you do. I'm always inspired. :)

  6. Anonymous5:34 am

    I love lime marmalade but think you'll need more than one. Lovely freesias, BTW :-) Jo

  7. Thank you! By our powers combined we shall rule them all! Now to wait until my babies are in bed before I put my "I am a smart computer expert hat on". Haha! Thanks again!


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