Saturday, May 10, 2014

loads of stuff!

Been doing a lot of stuff recently. As I've said before, we're still having gorgeous weather, so we've been making the most of that by going out on the boat and doing a huge amount of diving. Sharing a boat with Si and Ali really is the best thing!

We've been doing really long dives, about an hour each time because the visibility is just so good right now. We've also got another trip to the Poor Knights arranged for next weekend. Very excited about that.

Just leaving the marina - yep, another crappy day in the Bay of Islands!

Ali getting kitted up for the dive. Lloyd being boat man.

And we're in! it's like a fish tank!

Surrounded by fish!

 After diving, find a nice sheltered spot for lunch - home grown egg mayo buns with a bit of rocket.

Last weekend we hired a log splitter and spent the whole of Sunday splitting wood. Si and Ali came over and between the four of us we split enough wood to fill 5 trailers and then filled up their ute. We've all got enough wood for perhaps 2 winters now, and it was such good fun. We had lots of tea stops and a lovely long lunch.

Excuse the terrible photos!

In the tractor shed - this gives no idea of the huge amount of wood we've got hanging around!

One trailer load down - 4 more to go!

You really can't tell how big or full the woodshed is from the photo, but take my word for it - it's stuffed! And it smells amazing.

After all our hard work we had a take away curry. There's a curry/pizza place opened in Kaikohe - well it's been there a while now - called Smokin' Hot, and it is AMAZING. The curries are authentic and the best we've had in NZ, and how lucky it's opened in Kaikohe!

What else...I'm still going to pottery. Was there yesterday and cleaned up some wee bits and bobs I made last week to get them ready for firing. 
There's another egg dish - this time I measured out the spaces between the holes so all the eggs should fit in nicely. A few wee hearts and another bowl.  I also glazed one of the ready made bowls Sandrine has there. It's the old fashioned Mason and Cash pudding bowl shape, so I'm really excited about that. 

Autumn is well and truly here. Lots of the trees are bare already. I do love this time of year, especially when the weather is still so lovely. 

 Here's Lloyd and 2 of the dogs, doing their favourite thing. ( Bob was with me taking photos! )

Kopi doing her favourite thing - which is nothing. 

We celebrated Simon's birthday. We went over to theirs and had a lovely dinner. I made a lemon meringue roulade as a cake. it was ok! This was supposed to have he cake in it too!

and finally... I am getting old! After years of feeling rather smug, as all my friends succumbed to reading glasses, my time has finally come. I was trying to go for the nerdy, brainy look! Failed miserably!! But man, it's nice to be able to read!


  1. I love your blog and your ramblings. you have a great life!

  2. Your frames look nice, truthfully, although smaller, squarish tortoise shell might give you the perfect nerdiosity. Works for me, but I am already a big honking nerd, so I do have that advantage. I ordered new glasses this week, after wearing the last pair for more than ten years.

    I love your wood pile and the pottery is the usual and perfect expression of who you are. Doncha think?

    1. I think I'll get some like that next - I like tortoise shell. I get them from zenni optical, so they are lovely and inexpensive!!

    2. The new glasses I ordered last week are not purple, and no one can believe it. Neither can I.

      Over the weekend at my daughter's I noticed that she was wearing green leopard and copper frames. Really cute. I asked when she got them and she laughed and told me nearly two years ago. Clearly I really need the new prescription in the glasses that will be here next week.

  3. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Love the glasses! And your photos are fab! Can only imagine how good that wood smells. The diving looks like fun! Think I might have to have curry tonight :)

  4. Well I'm jealous - great place, like minded friends and good takeaway!

  5. I was watching the news last night and one of the segments was on a roller derby team that is all moms who wanted something physical to do in their spare time. It looked like so much fun. The captain of the team was a mom that did not know how to skate and had to wait for a year until she learned how to stay on her feet. I just love that whole team spirit and support aspect of this sport.


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