Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My 7 links

I'm taking part in My 7 links as the lovely Melanie over at Frugal Kiwi listed me as one of her five blogs. You need to go over and look at Melanie's 7 links, they're so good.
Thanks Melanie.
My Seven Links was started by Tripbase Blog and bloggers are asked to list 7 posts that fit into these categories...

- Your most beautiful post
MMMmmmm I think my most beautiful post is B is for Borage. I was so pleased with the bee photographs.

– Your most popular post
is Speedy Mayonnaise. This was mostly thanks to a link in 'Almost Bourdain' (which is no more *sad face* ) I think I need to do a bit of 'full discolsure' here - this recipe doesn't always work. I only learned this after I posted as the next couple of times I tried it it failed miserably, then worked, then failed then worked... so as not to waste lots of olive oil I went back to the good old fashioned way - failsafe!

– Your most controversial post
I'm not really very controversial at all - the only post I could come up with was this one!
The Queen's Moko. I only got one negative comment which was actually a surprise (as I fully expected more) and I didn't post it. My reasons were that the poster did it anonymously, which they are entitled to do, however I feel that if they felt that strongly they should stand by it, not hide behind anonymity. The commenter wasn't too thrilled with my decision, but if they'd put their name to it I would have happily posted it. The painting has been the cause of heated debate in New Zealand.

– Your most helpful post
The Paper Pot Post, I got a lot of 'thank yous' for this  :) Which reminds me ~ this weekend is going to be spent making many, many, many of these, it's that time of year again when I need to get my seeds in.

– A post whose success surprised you
Make do and Mend. This was just me rabbiting on about a pair of old favourite jeans! Who knew old jeans could stir up so many emotions. Looks like we all really love our jeans.

– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
was the wee baby chicks. I was so excited! I'm sure there are probably more meaningful posts that reflect this, but I remember being really disappointed that wee baby chicks didn't really do it. I mean, it's wee baby chicks, people!

– The post that you are most proud of
Seed Saving. I only started to save seeds a couple of years ago and I'm really pleased with how well it's going! What was also lovely about this post is that in the comments I got some really helpful advice.

I hope you've enjoyed the wee stroll down memory lane as much as I did, and
now that I've had a lovely wee meander I'd like to nominate these 5 blogs
Cos she always, always makes me giggle

Biased? Me? Sophie is the spitting image of Lulah and I think the photographs are just beautiful.

Reuben and Katie have the most beautiful blog full of simply beautiful things. I'm a bit stalkerish of this blog.
Sue said this best - "us, but upsidedown!"

lovely photos and always makes me smile.

I'd like to nominate more, but rules is rules!


  1. I love this idea of highlight posts from your own blog. It is especially swell for newer readers (like me) who might not have seen some of these posts before! I was looking at one of those paper-pot making contraptions at the store and thinking....there's got to be a way for me to make them myself....and now I know!

  2. Amazing bee shot! I love the detail.

    And I would look at photos of chicks any day. : ) They're chicks!!


  3. Love 'em, but knew I would. I must have been REALLY hard choosing your Most Beautiful, because you have some stunning shots on a regular basis over here. Gotta say, I love that you went with a bee pic!

  4. I really like the bee photo too. You are a very good photographer!

  5. Ooo really?? Me??? How excitement! Thank you Laura, I am simply chuffed :)

    I so hope that this nomination comes with a prize... some sort of farmstay perhaps?? I've still got my eye on a little somewhere for me at yours!

    ps am off to look at the chicks - how did I miss that one? who doesn't like a chick?

  6. Thanks for the Tag Laura I've just done mine.

    It's very strange going back over your own past Blogs and trying to choose between them for various categories, but lots of fun.

    From your upside down Blogging Buddy!!

    Sue xx

  7. I can't find the chicken post... or the queen one for that matter.

  8. Ali if you click on the blue writing that says the queens moko it should take you right to the post. Does that not work :(. ??

  9. Oh forgot to say of you ever find yourself over here you and yours are welcome any time!!


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