Friday, February 11, 2011

Make Do and Mend

Make do and mend was the title of a booklet produced by the British wartime government department, the Ministry of Information. Wool was in very short supply, and the booklet encouraged women to unpick old unwearable woollen items in order to re-use the wool.

I have a print of one of the posters up in The Pip , where I do all my sewing. I really like the idea!

Now who doesn't have a pair of favourite, old, faded jeans? I do and they have been patched SO many times I've lost count. I could say I only wear them for gardening now, but actually that would be a total lie. I still wear them even if we go out for dinner. When these jeans die it will be a black day.
( inside) What a mess!!

See! Years left!

I've just spent the last hour patching them yet again. While I was at it I patched up an old top I made ~ I actually really do wear this for gardening ~ honest.

 This has been worn and washed so many times the fabric is quite literally falling apart, but I love it.

This is On my Mind, over at Rhonda's.
and also
Farm Friend Friday over at Verde Farm. Now the reason I think I can get away with this post for 'farm friend' is because the only reason my clothes are in this state is cos I live on a farm - do you think I can get away with that?? 
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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about and yes, I think we all have a pair of jeans we just refuse to part with or wash too often so they won't disintegrate in the process.

    Thanks for stopping by at La Casa del Gato and for your comment. Claud

  2. I did a search for the booklet you mention...Are these the booklets?


  3. Being a gardener, first the knees blow out in my jeans! Then the dryer shrinks them! What is up with that anyway? Loved your pictures! I've never been a mender,I just live with the holes.Ha!

  4. oh they could be! I had assumed it was just a pamphlet, but seems like it was a book :) Or perhaps this is the American war effort one and us Brits just did a wee piece of paper!

  5. my knees go too, but it's more at the top - obviously due to shrinkage! *splutter*

  6. Very frugal and old style and definately in the spirit of make do and mend! Stacey x

  7. I outgrow them before they wear out!!

  8. hey, I like the patch on the top...looks cute. and nothing but nothing feels better than a well-worn pair of jeans!

  9. My husband has a couple of shirts like that. He's had them for years and years and will wear them while mowing the yard. I tease him and tell him I'm going to bury the shirts with him one day since he can't part with them.

  10. My experience with finding a well fitting comfy pair of jeans has led me to tell my own children to "bury me in them " when the time comes...LOL
    There is nothing better than broken in (hmmm) soft and comfy...
    Stopping over from down to earth and it's nice to meet you

  11. Very interesting and frugal, too!

  12. LOVE your patches. My Grandmother said "patch until you can patch no more" and some where I have a picture of her in her VERY patched jeans standing in her garden holding her hoe.

  13. He he, seems like a lot of us invented 'Grunge' before it became fashionable! Why throw something comfortable out when you can still use it? :)

  14. I absolutely know you can get away with it lady. You earned those warn pants on that farm :) LOL
    Hugs, Amy

  15. Laura, I love that you're mending those jeans ... again. I hand mended a rip in a bed sheet thinking it would keep the sheet going till the end of summer but two years on that sheet is still being used.

    I hope your jeans last many more years.

  16. aha! It would seem there are loads of us old jean lovers out there! I thought there would be.

    Marilyn - had to giggle at that!

    Rhonda, I am really hoping they do - they're fairly solid again. :)

    It takes such a long time to get jeans looking all soft and faded and comfy that I think they deserve some special attention :) These are coming up for 4 years old - babies in the jeans world!

    Eons ago, when " I were but a lass " I actually used to buy my jeans second hand from a vintage shop ~ at great expense I may add ~ just so they looked like this! Ah levi 501s those were the days :)

  17. It seems that just when they get that soft, comfy feel the jeans also get the holes. I don't mend much, but I do the iron on thingies. I usually iron them on the wrong side so it isn't quite so noticeable.

    I'm stopping by from Verde Farm. It's nice to meet you, you have a very nice blog!

  18. Personally, I think mending jeans just make them more comfortable. Its that tiny bit of give in those worns spots I think!

  19. Old worn in comfy jeans are the best!

  20. Hello Laura!
    Well I think you can totally get away with joining Farm Friends Friday with this's perfect! I LOVE your patching job and I too hate when I have to say 'good-bye' to a favorite pair of jeans. I'm going to go back and look around for a while...I'm enjoying your blog very much! Have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)

  21. Oh yes, the love of those perfect worn in jeans. Patched and re-patched. Great post and great photos.
    Look forward to looking around more
    Stopping by from Verde Farm.


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