Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Great House moving!

Well mum and dads house arived this morning at 4.45am! It was really exciting. We were woken up by orange flashing lights - it was much earlier than had been expected so we got dressed really fast and went out to watch. It was kind of weird watching it all by ourselves cos when the owens one came there was a huge crowd of us - but since everyone is away just now....( thank goodness Lloyd got the morning off)

The guys from Haines are amazing. We thought that the driveway was really tricky - they thought it was easy. They had it on site within an hour! I had made a wee mistake with the plans cos I didnt know that it had to be 30m from the boundry line so we had to move it forward about 15m - they werent bothered at all, even though the measurements had originally been taken from the old position. It actually turned out that the new bit was flatter than the original site so I made their job easier - but they didnt know this to begin with and they were still great!

Its 3pm now and they have done all the piles for the foundations and poured the concrete. They're just straightening the piles then they'll have to wait till tomorrow for the concrete to be dry before they lower it down. I can't wait!! The paint is already bought and I'm chomping at the bit to get in and redecorate!
There will definitely be some before and after pictures later.

How it looks from our house - we forgot that we would actually be able to see it!!!!

Update!! ( Wednesday 16th August)
I've done loads of work inside the house. Mostly painting, but some work to the wooden floors and stuff - Lloyd helped with the carpets. Here's some before and afters....

the Master Bedroom before
and after...

little bedroom before

Little bedroom after

kitchen beforeKitchen after

Living room beforeliving room after

I'm so pleased with it - once we get curtains and paintings up and more furniture it will look really lovely. I still have to finish off the toilet and do the kitchen floor - then I really am finished!
Just waiting for mum to come out in September so we can do the inside finishing touches. The electrician was round yesterday and all hat outside stuff ( septic tank, water and electricity) is all in hand and should be startinf soonish!)

30th August
The septic tank and the electricity are going in today. The digger man used to live on this farm when he as a boy! When it was all one big farm, he had some really interesting stories.

this is the tank coming off the lorry and about to be dropped into the newly dug hole.

this is it going down into the hole - it looks smaller in the picture than it is in real life!

and finally the drainage ditches. All the pipework to the house is laid and the council have been to inspect it - so they can carry on now.
The digger man did another trench for Barry the electrician and he can share that trench with the plumber for all his stuff too. Everyone has been so amazing.

Its got its own fence round it now and the outside has all been painted. There is still a lot of tree planting to be done, the deck to go round the front and one side, the base boards and the french doors in the side too. Oh and new guttering!

18th November - update!
The guttering and deck are all done and the french door is in - The builder that did it was absolutely amazing! So if anyone is looking for a good builder... There was a lot of tidying up and painting to do after they were finished - but its looking so great! Mum and dad have decised that they would definitely like a verandah over just teh front for next year - so we're going to book Murry again - hes booked for 6 months so no hope of getting it on in time for this trip!

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