Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October stuff
Just back from a morning drive north. We left in a sort of sunshiny day. Drove up to Kaitaia and had a wee brekkie at Gekko - it was really tasty, lovely bacon, hashbrowns and scrambled eggs - yummy. Then we popped into the dental practice there so Lloyd could say hi to everyone he used to work with, things are going really well.
After that we drove to Ahipara and round to Shipwreck Cove - there were some breakers but no one surfing. The dogs had a fantastic time, Brodie isn' t sure of the waves, though so he kept running away from them.

We were only there for about half an hour and it started looking very grey, then the heavens opened.
Its been raining on and off for a couple of days now - which is actually good as I've been watering the garden for almost three weeks every day as it's been s dry! We were going to take the ferry home from Kohukohu to Rawene - but the weather was so bad we just went the quick way back. Once we got home the sun came out!

Lots and lots of fabric!

Another thing - V and I are having a stand at the Waimate North Show on the 11th. We're going to be selling Shabby Chic stuff - cusions, teddies, wee hanging hearts, some christmas stuff ( which I am stillwating for all the cutters and stuff to arrive!) and some refurbished furniture.
So We have been working away on all that. It's pretty exciting and really good fun. and if nothing sells, well we like it all anyway!!! ( or pressies for the next age!)

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  1. oh I do wish I could go to your fair---I love your fabric and would be your best customer! The dogs look blissfully happy and your life sounds perfect.Love to All---Carol


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