Monday, November 06, 2006

Bonfire night at the Beach
We had bonfire night on Saturday ( a day early). The usual suspects went to the beach and had a huge barby and a fire, guy and fireworks. All the guys did the firework lighting and they did a brilliant job, the girls all sat back and watched. ( this was the best firework photo of the night! ha!)
It was lovely to see all the children loving having sparklers and it was pretty good for the adults too.

Then on Sunday N&S had an afternoon barby at theirs and N & L had a game of croquet!

I have been sewing like a demon for the show which is next weekend. We also had a painting day on Thursday where V and I got a stack of stuff done. It was really nice to actually work with someone.

It's Wednesday evening now and the show is on Saturday so we only have a few days of work left. I am completely exhausted! But really happy with everything. Carol came round this afternoon and brought a load of stuff for the shop and its brilliant, and Steph sent up a stack of wee things she has made too so we have a lot of lovely things to stock the shop with - it's all very exciting.

A deck chair and a stool
My favourite thing!! I love these laundry bags.

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