Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Best Day
Last night we all planned to go for a picnic on one of the islands and when we got up this morning the weather hadn't let us down - it was probably one of the best days of summer so far. Not a cloud in the sky and toasty hot.We got ready. Last night we'd had a big tapas night and luckily there was left over food so we took loads of it for the picnic. Then we got the boat together and named her ( well stuck the stickers on the side) it looks great - Ladybird now looks like she belongs to someone.

We drove to Waitangi and met Nick and Sara and set off on both boats to Robertson Island. It was flat as a pancake!
Once we got there we met up with R&V and F&A and all the kids. We went water skiing and the children all went on the biscuit. It was one of the most lovely days ever.
We were here!!!

On the way home the chop git up a wee bit but it was fine.
I was sitting there pretty much all day thinking - it really doesn't get any better than this!

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