Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We've had a really lovely last few days. On Saturday R&V had Driftwood blessed in preparation for 'baby boy' arriving. It was so lovely - the minister went through each room and said a prayer in Maori, then Dione, Dee and May sang then we scoffed food.

It was a lovely afternoon.
On Sunday Holly came over and house sat for us and we headed down to Auckland to see Maui at The Edge theatre. We were staying at The Langham and it was excellent - the room was nice, room service was ace and breakfast the next day was spectacular - we'd stay there again.
We went to the matinee performance of Maui - it is the telling of Maori ledgend of how New Zealand was dragged up from the sea by Maui. The dancing was amazing - kapa haka which I just love! I find it really emotional. The singing was out of this world as were the costumes. A lot of it was in Maori and it would have been amazing to understand it all but it was narrated in English so you knew what was going on. Also we knew the story so that helped too!
The whole time we were down I kept thinking the phpne would ring and it would be Richard saying to get back up as bub was on his way but it didnt!
In the evening we went to MonsoonPoon - a Thai restaurant that we'd seen recommended and I really wanted some Thai food - but it was pretty disappointing - it was busy - but I think it was a bit trendy and not really authentic - but it was really nice to have a night out just the 2 of us.
On Monday morning we went to Sabato ( the most amazing deli) and met Gordon - who was spectacular!! It was just great to see him so happy - hopefully he comes up soon for a wee break.

We headed home and just had a quiet night.

Today everyone came over for brunch - initially it was supposed to be our log splitting day but when we woke up at 7am it was raining a lot so we cancelled the splitter - then it turned out to be a glorious day!! ever mind we had a lovely time!

Later on in the afternoon Lloyd and I planted some stuff down at mum and dads - all free plants!! A couple of things that have seeded themselves and Sara said they grow super quickly - and a couple of cherry trees that seeded themselves and a few hydrangia cuttings - so hopefully everything takes - it will look much better once things have grown up a bit. I'll try to remember to take a photo tomorrow so we can compare it next summer.
Is Poppy falling asleep??

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